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  1. Morning All, Came across this Navy coat, it looks similar to the Army's M1902. The tag in the pocket is named to "D. B. A.d.a.m.s." and is dated January 30, 1919. The two ribbons are the WW1 Victory Medal w/star and what looks like the Life Saving Medal. Has some nice bullion on the coat as well. Kevin
  2. At the bottom of a box that had nothing to do with my militaria collection. Can't wait to really start unpacking. Kevin
  3. Moving is fun. I'm finding all sorts of cool stuff that has been "lost" for ages. Kevin
  4. That is a beautiful medal. Thanks for posting! Kevin
  5. Squirreled away in a museums collection is this autopsy table. Not an interest of mine, but it is something you don't see everyday. Probably used in the 1970s-90s. Kevin
  6. Great site. Thanks for posting! Kevin
  7. This medal was with my great uncles items. My guess is that its an association type medal but I don't know which/what organization it is for. Any help? Thanks. Kevin
  8. I'm under the impression that this is a WW2 era WASP (Women's Air Service Pilot) patch. Am I correct or mistaken? Kevin
  9. The Rising Eagle under the collar was a very common thing when the Army did away with the Branch. I believe that was in 2005 when that happened.
  10. Fabulous set of medals. Tragic that his son was KIA.
  11. Wow, that's an incredible story! Hopefully he'll get the full recognition he deserves. Kevin
  12. Thanks for the input guys. It's not really in my collecting focus so I'm passing. If anyone's interested in it I can put you in contact with the seller. Kevin
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