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  1. I recently joined ASMIC and as a member I have access to there quarterly magazines back issues and I found the answer as to why this DUI was reissued. In 1959 they did create 113th Armor just don't know how long it was activated. Also it seems that in 1957 it was activated as the 113th AA BN.
  2. Thanks for the comment and I agree they can be addictive. They are something so small yet so unique especially the ones for units that no longer exist. I had heard that most that are marked sterling were made out of it which I'm sure that is why the prices are slightly higher than ones not marked sterling.
  3. It has been a short time since I started collecting US items and feel like a child lost in the woods. My favorite items are anything to do with the 113th Calvary and since I have a nice uniform I am wanting to restore I have been looking for a matched set of DIs for the jacket. I have found some screw back and a couple of pin back ones but no pairs. During my searches I started looking at some of the other units DIs and thought they would be nice to have and picked up a few. I really like the Tank Destroyer Battalion DUIs even though they are a little pricey they are worth it.
  4. Thanks for your impute but to some degree the pin is still somewhat of a mystery. I understand what you are saying and it is curious if the unit was briefly reactivated as the 113th Armor and there is no mention of it. As I read in an earlier post it would be nice if there was a “DUI Hallmark Reference Book” but the link to WAF was very helpful.
  5. Here is a better image of the back and it clearly looks like a 0 and not the letter O Not saying that you’re wrong as I am sure you have been collecting a lot longer than I have and I came here for opinions. The official lineage from U.S. Army Center of Military History does not say anything about it being reactivated until 1992. In the book “The Man On The Red Horse” published 1975 does not say anything out it be reactivated at all! https://history.army.mil/html/forcestruc/lineages/branches/armor-cav/113cvrg.htm Thanks for your info, Michael
  6. I recently picked up these two 113th Cavalry Regiment DUIs from two different sellers. The one on the left I know is WWII and I believe that the other one is too. The seller had it listed as unknown as far when it was manufactured but since the 113th was inactivated in October 1945. I know that they were reactivated in 1992 but I would imagine that the new DI would be clutch back. My one question is that the one on the right does not appear to have the patina that the other one has, it almost appears that sometime in the past that it was polished.
  7. Thanks guys for the information. I knew that the screw backs were pre-WW 2 but the unmarked one had me a little concerned because of the pin on the back. I know this stuff is hard to find even here in Iowa George. One came from the east coast and the second one came from the west coast. I have a customer who started out with the new 113th in Ft. Dodge as a Second Lieutenant and ended his career as Brigadier General. Unfortunately he only has what is displayed in the case left from his days with the 113th.
  8. I am new to collecting US items and would like to get some opinions about these two Insignia pins. The first one looks to original and is marked A J Dennison and screw looks like others that I have seen. The second one has no markings and the horse on it is much larger than the other one. Also the screw is lower and it has a single pin above the screw.
  9. Thanks for the information and the chart is a great reference for me. Now all I have to do is find the ribbons and one more 113th Cavalry Regiment Screwback to add to the jacket.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome and all the nice comments. I only have two photos of 113th cavalryman that were taken post war. This guy has his ribbons and looks like he has his collar discs. I can't make out the shoulder patch on this one.
  11. It is my understanding that all of the patches from the 113th Cavalry Regiment were made post war by the Germans. In all the wartime photos and video that I have seen of the 113th there were never any patches. Also here is a picture of the tag inside the pocket
  12. Sgt John J Soltis These are two pictures that his daughter sent to me so I could see the man who wore the uniform. This will be my last post for the day since I've used up what I am allotted as a new member.
  13. Here are the pants that came with the jacket and his Garrison Cap.
  14. I am new to the forum but wanted to share the first uniform that I have acquired. I am new to collecting and mostly collected German Helmets until about a year ago when I was bitten by the US bug! Recently I purchased a uniform that belonged to Sergeant John Soltis, who was a Cavalry man that served in the 113th Cavalry 125th Cavalry Squadron. I was able to find his daughter who only lives an hour away from where my daughter lives in Georgia. We were going to meet over the Holidays but due to health issues I am unable to make the trip. The Ike jacket is missing all of the awards and/or m
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