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  1. I am sure these are nothing at all, but I thought I might ask before getting rid of them. There were about a half dozen of these stickers mixed in with a random lot of US military insignia and patches I picked up about a year ago or longer. I set them off to the side and forgot about them but just found them again. They are about about 2.25" high with each side about 2.5" and to me the design looks like a snake head with an open mouth and fang. No clue on the SI or S/ though
  2. Thank you Randy, I appreciate your information and education as always. I saw the same thing about the 1958 approval date both on Wikipedia and my old fashioned copy of Maurer's book on combat squadrons and figured they were using it well before the actual approval date. I did pick up one of those questionable 93rd FIS patches you refer to a few years ago and posted it looking for validation and at the time I think you responded with the belief that it was later made. Cheers!
  3. Thanks jim46, that is an interesting idea I had not thought of. Appreciate the lead!
  4. Can anyone confirm when this variation of the 93rd Fighter Squadron patch was worn? I am guessing it is post WW II vintage but didn't know if it might be from that interim period before the squadron was designated as a Fighter Interceptor Squadron in 1950, or if it was into the 1950's. Nearly every FIS reference I seem to find shows the insignia as the type with darker blue background and different colored bird with the 93rd FIS tab at the bottom.
  5. Just curious if anyone recognizes this little badge? Was in a mixed lot of US military insignia although everything else was 1940's-1970's vintage. Design reminds me of Civil War era 8th Corps insignia. S.T.I. OR S.T.1. engraved on front. Suspension bar has letters that appear to be W.C.T.U. Nothing on the back. Not very big at all. Thanks!
  6. Thank you tredhed2, I appreciate your insight into patches like this. I thought it might a long shot as I could not find anything like this attributed to the XXIII Corps.
  7. All I have is this screen shot to go on, but does anyone recognize this as some type of variation for the 23rd or XXIII Corps or is it just a patch that resembles it?
  8. I have no clue what this is, and it may not even be military but just wanted to ask if anyone else might recognize it. Can't see any marks on either piece whatsoever. Metal might be zinc? It is non-magnetic and light weight enough I could probably bend either piece by hand if so inclined. Their construction kind of reminds me a little bit of those metal numbers on German shoulder boards. Looks like it would fit as 1" belt. The loops for the belt have about a 1-1/8" width.
  9. I'll take a stab at it. The design may have been created as a novelty patch following one of the rocket attacks on DaNang. I could find references to at least 3 different notable rocket attacks on DaNang in 1967, 1971 and 1972. Having said that though, I am not sure this is an original patch from that time period. The embroidery looks more modern and computer done.
  10. Looks like another seller now has it for sale at a substantially higher price https://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-WW2-ITALIAN-MADE-BULLION-AAF-AIRBORNE-TROOP-CARRIER-GLIDER-PATCH/383751196447?hash=item59595a8f1f%3Ag%3A3IQAAOSwQgVfej28&LH_BIN=1
  11. I think OIF III was in the 2005 timeline. I haven't been able to find any other examples of this patch posted on line anywhere, but I thought it was an interesting design choice. Reminds me of the Vietnam era and post VN Ranger scrolls, but I have no idea if it has any connections to a Ranger unit or not.
  12. A couple of USMTM Saudi Arabia patches have already been posted, but I though I might post this set that came together complete with a pocket badge and an ID card for combined club access. Card is plastic similar to a credit card.
  13. Thank you tredhed, I would have never guessed CAP. I know the patch has a lot going on with it with the bird wearing a mortar board, headphones, camera around it's neck, life jacket and first kit kit so a little bit of everything!
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