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  1. This doesn't answer your question about the Combat Center patch, but I picked up this small group 25+years ago and had always wondered if it might be related to the 199th Infantry Brigade although I was never able to connect all the dots.
  2. Thank you for your thoughts Jeff. The larger patch that Tonomachi pictured looks identical to the one I posted-like twins separated at birth.
  3. I agree with Tonomachi in that these patches date from an earlier incarnation of Company B. I have found that Wikipedia only mentions a Company B being formed in 2006, but other online sources reference an earlier Company B or Provisional Group B that served in Vietnam. One such source are the online records from The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive from Texas Tech University http://www.recordsofwar.com/vietnam/usmc/3rdReconBn.htm There are numerous references to B Company in many of the reports between 1965 and 1969 http://www.recordsofwar.com/vietnam/usmc/3rdReconBn.htm
  4. I saw this one listed and hemmed and hawed about it. For whatever reason, I vaguely remember seeing this identified a long time ago as a German Air Force patch (post WW II 1950s vintage) and I think the aircraft might be an F-84 Thunderjet. Then again, my memory may be totally off and it might be something else altogether.
  5. The US Navy hospital ship USS Consolation, AH-15, was commissioned in 1945 and arrived in the Pacific following VJ-Day. She later earned 10 battle stars for service in Korea and was the first hospital ship to be equipped with a helicopter landing pad. She was decommissioned in 1955, but enjoyed a second career beginning in 1960 as the SS Hope the first peacetime hospital ship with Project HOPE. Project HOPE is a humanitarian NGO that has brought medical care and training throughout many under served areas of the world. The SS Hope was retired in 1974 and was not replaced. Project HOPE is still in existence but sponsors land based operations today around the globe. Additional information on both the ship and the organization can be found on Wikipedia.
  6. Wow, talk about going down the numbering system rabbit hole I did not know that an individual numbered team itself would have it's own numbered teams. Is it possible there might be patches with both the team numbers and the advisory team number (not to mention Corps number)? Thank you for the education Longhorn92 and for the information from other members as well!
  7. Thank you Jakob, I think you are spot on with the ID of the blue and white insignia. I thought it might be an ARVN insignia and I looked at some on line but never saw this one. I did however, just find this image on line with your guidance,
  8. Patch is stiff like a Japanese made patch
  9. Hoping someone might have some additional information on this patch. On the surface I am guessing a Military Advisory Team based in Duc Pho, Vietnam. However, based on this site I found of MACV team locations, https://macvteams.org/ there didn't seem to be a team based at Duc Pho unless this is a detachment patch. I thought this was maybe from Team 61, but that looks like it was in Chi Ling which is far in the South as best as I can tell. Duc Pho appears to be in the north possibly part of the I Corp area, south of Danang. I can't quite figure out the significance of white and blue caltrop design on the right side either. Any ideas?
  10. Just trying to get a feel for this patch. Strikes me as being made in Japan, not sure of vintage though. Wondered if it was Vietnam era or post VN?
  11. Thank you, Randy, for adding to the discussion. It sounds like you have looked into these types of patches before as well.
  12. I have seen this patch sold in the past as an Air Force squadron patch, but I am pretty sure it is an Arctic Cat brand patch (toying with the competition-in this case a Ski-Doo product)
  13. That's cool Randy. I think I recognize now it now!
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