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  1. Yes, it almost looks good until you turn it over. At least one of the better attempts if you want a repro but not at that $$. Alan
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions, I will pass them along. Alan
  3. All, I have a friend that has 3 of her father's silk maps of the south Pacific. They have been folded for a long time but she would like to frame them. What is the best way to remove the folds without any damage? Steaming them? Laying them on glass and weight them with books? We figure ironing is out of the question. Thanks, Alan
  4. I'll admit to getting burned on one of these 15th corps about 8-9 years ago from this ebay jerk 'danield216' who refused a refund on it. Alan
  5. Very nice project, looks great! I was at the Patton museum after the SOS this year but did not see this, has it been moved recently? Alan
  6. These could easily be 1980's issue ovals as we wore cut edge ovals like this in the 82nd at the time. The top one was not an 82nd unit and I agree with Tonomachi's unit choices. I would lean to the 327th as they were active with the 101st at the time. Though I don't know if they wore ovals. The bottom would have been worn by Echo company, 325th Infantry in the 80's. All the infantry battalions wore ovals with 'tic' marks on the side to indicate Bn number. Echo Co. was a TOW missle jeep company supporting the brigade. Alan
  7. I thought all black backs were considered British made. Alan
  8. Thanks, is there any evidence that they were in business as early as the summer of 1945?
  9. I know they are rare in that size and condition, I have 4 sets myself from my time in the 82nd from 1981-85 and they all have a lot of wear. These picture are from a green set I got off post around 1983 that were heavily repaired. This is where my comment on the labels comes from as this is what I have seen on a lot of the Vietnam era ERDL that shows the DSA number with the year of manufacture in it, 1969 in this case. Alan
  10. Does anyone know when Boots started making their replacement Airborne patches? Are there any pictures of the William Goodman collection that the Keller's mention in their book? Thanks, Alan
  11. Great condition for that size but those are odd looking labels from the norm. Alan
  12. Great uniforms shown here and a great thread! Here is my best one because it belonged to my grandfather. He was with a battalion surgical team with 3rd Bn, 259th Infantry, 65th Division. After the 65th was deactivated overseas he was assigned to 10th Armored before he came home. And they wore enlisted brass like officers, I asked him why since it wasn't exactly regs and he said "That's the way we wore it" Alan
  13. The Bastogne Barracks is a must see and as stated, free. Also there, they have a great vehicle display of operational tanks, half-tracks, etc. very worth while. You can also stop at the Marsden memorial for free but a museum there was under construction in May '13. I also found E/506 positions on google earth and stopped by and took a walk in the woods. Be sure to go to the American cemetary in Luxembourg and Gen. Patton. Did all of this for $0 in fees, just some gas money. Alan
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