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  1. Today I saw another presentation carbine, one to L Lenox. It is for sale as I understand, and is in good shape with some marks in the finish. The owner knows the value of this rifle so no stealing attempts will work. First I have seen in person.
  2. Thanks, I have a bid in now. If not this one then the next. Note that the seller never says repro, simply used. Somehow I doubt that hundreds of these were somehow found and are now being sold. However, for my use, which is display, this will do quite well. Thanks all for the help.
  3. Thanks, indeed, it is the pistol. However, it is the WWII version I seek and not the later versions either pistol or rifle. But thanks all the same, a very nice gesture.
  4. I am looking for a reproduction (or real if available) Colt Commando instruction sheet found in the box that the gun came in from Colt. Anyone? Thanks, John McP
  5. While sorting through my father in laws WWII items I came across a locket which was not him or his wife. He was a Marine sent to the Pacific theater. I am trying to locate anyone who might know who this person might be. Pictures are attached. The sailors name is Charlie Long and it states USS Lexington Long Beach. I suspect that this is the CV2 version which sank in 1942. The locket has no value to our family but might to the family of Charlie Long. My FIL was injured and with the items found were NZ medical corp insignia. I suspect that he may have met CL in the hospital in NZ whil
  6. For automatic or revolver? Slight difference. Have done WWI and WWII boxes. Do you have PowerPoint on your computer?
  7. Which boxes are you looking for? 50? 20? 21? Date range? I have made files for printing boxes for re-enactor use.
  8. http://www.marines.mil/searchcenter/Pages/...p;s=All%20Sites http://www.thegunzone.com/opentip-ammo.html http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2010/...T_ammo_021510w/ Here are three references to the use of the M118 Long Range Ammo. Note that it is an open tip but not a hollow point. SMG is correct, and I agree that this was not issue during VN. However, as you will note from the articles noted above, the issue is discussed above to make sure all understand that the open tip ammo is not a "hollow point". This may be the source of the confusion.
  9. There are rounds with a hole in the forward end which are not "hollow points". It is simply the fmj not formed to a solid point. These are used in some military weapons and are considered in compliance.
  10. Trying to determine what type of compass would have been used in the Spanish American War. Anyone?
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/NOBUCKL-SLING-for-a-TH...n%3D5%26ps%3D63 Help me understand, but are not the subgun slings unmarked? Is this one real? Thanks in advance, John McP
  12. I think Omaha Surplus still sells these modified belts.
  13. Matt, where from? Need on myself. Thanks, John McP
  14. Thank you for this information, it adds much value to my 37, all personal. I think that this is the real value of this forum.
  15. Seen in London, Chelsea district, in a shop. Probably still for sale, just call the number shown.
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