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  1. Cabinet card of Joseph Liddick wearing his Grand Army of the Republic uniform. He served in Company C, 77th Pennsylvania Infantry. He was a member of J. F. Hartranft Post #58 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I found a newspaper article that said he was a member of the Post 58 “Firing Squad” that served as a ceremonial detail for funerals and other post functions.
  2. This is the latest addition to my collection, a real photo postcard copy of an image of Hamlin F. Eaton, who served in the 4th Maine Light Artillery. He enlisted in the battery as 2nd Lieutenant on December 21, 1861, and served until January 14, 1863, when he was discharged for disability. During his time with the 4th Maine, the battery fought in the battles of Cedar Mountain, Groveton, 2nd Manassas, and Antietam. After the war ended Eaton moved to South Dakota, where he became a very prosperous cattle rancher. He was a member of Burnside Post #24, Grand Army of the Republic, and at one time s
  3. Real photo postcard copy of a Civil war image that is identified as "S. Jenkins, at Upton Hill, Va., in December 1862." The postcard also has "Kelly Corner, N.Y." written in pencil on the back. I believe this is Corporal Samuel Jenkins who served in Company G, 144th New York Infantry. He was from Kelly's Corner, New York, and enlisted on August 22, 1862, as corporal, and was promoted to sergeant on April 1, 1865. The 144th New York was stationed at Upton Hill during the winter of 1862. He mustered out with his regiment at Hilton Head, South Carolina, June 25, 1865.
  4. I recently picked up this real photo postcard copy of a Civil War image - it is not identified, but the soldier in the picture is wearing the distinctive belt plate used by the 1st Rhode Island Infantry, a three month unit that fought at 1st Bull Run.
  5. Have a pic I want to send you . What is another e mail address. This site won't take it. 

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  6. I have several G.A.R. photographs of veterans who settled in Kansas after the war. This CDV is of Horatio Tawney, who was a corporal in Company C, 100th Ohio Infantry. He was captured at Limestone Station, Tennessee, in September 1863, and spent 6 months in Libby and Belle Isle prisons
  7. I believe the name is Henry V. Allien - "Shortly after Horstmann Bros. and Allien dissolved in December 1876, Allien contracted on 2/11/1878 for 2,000 gross coat buttons & 1,300 helmet hair plumes. Contracted 5/29/1883 for 1,000 helmets. In his 8/25/1886 contract for music pouches, Allien is joined by Louis S. and Laurent H. Allien, the latter at least being his son." - Directory of American Military Goods Dealers & Makers, 1785 - 1915 by Bruce S. Bazelon & William F. McGuinn
  8. By 1924, Owens was stationed at Fort Niagara, New York - one of the last things I pulled out of the bag was a letter from Colonel Berkley Enochs to Owens' parents, informing them that he had died: Owens' parents did have his body brought back to Louisiana for burial, and he rests today at Bayou Macon Cemetery, in West Carroll Parish.
  9. Robert Owens stayed in the army after the war, and in 1919 he was serving in Company A, 33rd Infantry Regiment, stationed at Gatun, in the Canal Zone. Included in the grouping were two Christmas programs and a copy of the regimental newsletter, "The Tropical Breeze: Back of the program - I liked the cigarette ad:
  10. Last weekend I went to the Civil War show in Vicksburg, Mississippi and set up a table to sell some of my odds and ends. The seller across from me had one table filled with nothing but paper ephemera. At the end of the day I decided to look through the boxes of "Stuff," and I found a small plastic zip lock bag filled with a number of photographs, letters and booklets. After a quick glance at the contents I asked the seller "How much?" and we he said $10, I paid very quickly. The first piece of paper in the bag that I looked at was this: The grouping belonged to Robert A. Owens of Hard
  11. I found the following article in the Journal & Courier (Lafayette, Indiana,) January 22, 1941:
  12. I thought you might find this picture of interest - it's from The Enterprise-Journal (McComb, Mississippi,) October 2, 1943:
  13. From the Racine Journal Times, December 29, 1936
  14. From the Racine Journal Times, December 28, 1896
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