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  1. Thanks gents for looking! Looks like Memorial Day I will have an additional stop to make! Ran
  2. Awesome discovery from the weekend! Hannah Jane Mitchell was one of over 20,000 women who served in the US Marine Corps Women’s Reserve in WWII. She was the honor grad of her class in 1944. After serving her time as a radio operator at Parris Island, she was employed by the Army Security Agency until 1953. Truly an amazing woman who dedicated her life serving her country and community. Regards, Ran
  3. Interesting observations. Thanks everyone! In terms of source, this was out of a small town antique shop here in Minnesota. Only a few bucks, sold as a "WWII Patch." I wonder if there are pictures of similar fakes around featuring different patches (or this one if it's a thing). Would love to learn the constructions of fakes vs. real. Ran
  4. Sean, thanks again for your comment! Happen to have some pics handy? And any idea where these could possibly be made? I was thinking somewhere in the Middle East? Ran
  5. Hi everyone, Found these some time back in one of those "patch bins." Never seen anything like these. Foreign made? After school sewing project? What's your take? Note, the CIBs are sewn on two layers of cloth (different camo patterns). Ran
  6. Thanks gents for your comments! Certainly not one you'd see often. Would love to learn and see as much as I can on this subject. Ran
  7. Here is the back. Leather back. Common material used for CBI theater patches??
  8. Hi everyone, My first post here on the forum. Hopefully I'm doing everything right Here I have a SACO patch to show. The cotton patch's diameter is 2 and half inches. It is not one of the (dare I say) more common silk ones, but also the construction doesn't seem to be made during the past two decades neither. Has anyone ever seen anything similar? SACO is such a rare unit, I had trouble finding just about anything on the uniforms and insignia they wore. Thanks for any inputs, happy to be on-board on the forum! Ran
  9. Thank you all for the kind words! Hope everyone is staying warm!! Ran
  10. Hi all, Been using the forum for some time as reference. Finally my request to join was approved. I am a Minnesota based collector and independent researcher of American, German, and some Soviet named items. I enjoy researching and writing about the men and women behind each item. Really excited to continue learning and also sharing my American collection with the forum! Best regards, Ran
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