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  1. Not real well versed on this but would 8th Div indicate a larger platform like a Cruiser, Battleship or Carrier?
  2. The working dixie cup looks nice especially a named one!.
  3. Dungaree pants the first two 1978-81 the third 1985
  4. Impossible to tell but these buttons are interesting.
  5. Not sure this is the place for this, it was purchased with a group of WW2 82nd Patches
  6. How do you wear a Device on a ball cap under a battle helmet ? throw the clutch backs away and bend the pins over.
  7. Not Navy but your story fits with this thread, too bad you don't have the cap with the visor cut off.
  8. The second jacket did not seem to wear as well as the later ones, I was issued the third one and never really cared for it other than the fact that you could at the time fill it with patches, I liked the later blue one better liked the last one best but never wore it.
  9. Now to the helmet, In 1981 I sat in front of a case of M1 shells and liners, of course they were spray painted red and the liners have the original red spray paint. At a point before we deployed to the Med we received these and to this day I dread those clips "6" in the sweat band. This helmet however is painted by myself some years ago to commemorate the helmet I wore back then. Now to the rub........... my quest or interest is in the Helmets we pulled of the rack, in my experience the sweat bands were always set at the largest setting and that was because Number 1 was that we all shared the
  10. The steel pots are from a case delivered to the Davis the linners from another box.
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