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  1. Any one remember the velvet paintings of your ship at the bottom in Naples ? As much as I hated the Davis I detested her image at the bottom........
  2. No comments ? this film is a classic. I wish I could find Sarsi.
  3. A commissioning pennant flies the whole time a vessel is in commission .
  4. I should have noted that I would love to see the back of this uniform and while not super valuable it is very collectable and no doubt there is a collector who is missing it in his collection.
  5. You have to look at this jumper as a whole: 1) The SSS 2) The community strip and I am surprised that the state strip is missing but this is common. 3) All of the piping is reduced to Two lines if it was Navy it could have two on the cuff and three on the flap 4) Sadly you did not show the back as the stars are most likely removed and or covered by bugs ( little sea scout emblems or missing altogether ) 5) it is common were military uniforms are a close match to see them used as BSA uniforms, as to the comment on campaign hats the Boy Scouts had official authorized uniform items from the
  6. Suppose you can use what you want but smell Zippo fluid and smell Naphtha
  7. This was one more story in an amazing story of our Navy during the Cold War
  8. Just pulled these out for comparison and maybe I am off on this one but if it was in my collection I would call it 1920's
  9. Others may argue this but it seems that after WW1 the body of the eagle straightens up and the shield cut of the patch becomes the clipped upper corners.
  10. This is a great topic and nothing...... Makes me feel like a 2Kilo gangster.
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