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  1. Hes wearing a German Schutzenschnur. His regimental crest is QM Corps.
  2. Looking forward to Volume 3. There are some interesting variants from the 50s and 60s floating around out there.
  3. That story is completely incorrect. I spoke with the unnamed 'source' as well and he completely duped the author.
  4. This is the way we wore our PCs in 3ID LRS (minus the mountain tab of course) and later in 3rd SFG(A).
  5. I had one of the soft caps shown above when I was a kid. I got it at a surplus store in Omaha outside of Offutt. It was brand new and this was the early 80s. I hadn't seen one since then and have no idea what happened to mine. I hope these caps make it into the next USAF uniform book.
  6. They are not clothing bag items. Has anyone asked the Soldiers where they are getting them?
  7. Not sure where the young man got his field jacket but he wasn't issued it during Initial Entry Training. I had to wait for the Army to cough up a copy of the current clothing bag and it verifies my story. The M65 Coat, Cold Weather is now longer issued, in any pattern.
  8. FYI, The Army thankfully stopped issuing the M65 in Oct 09. http://soldiersystems.net/2008/05/29/field-jacket-a-eulogy/
  9. That guy was stationed in Germany at some point. The nametapes are German made as well as the rank. That is the only place I ever saw those made and I had a couple of uniforms with the open faced sham shield on them. I was stationed with 3ID in Wuerzburg from 88-90.
  10. The parachutist helmet does not use the TPL liner like the HGU-55/P.
  11. Look back in the 80s. You may find some photos if Israelis in OD PASGT vests with their helmets.
  12. Possibly manufactured for use by Israel.
  13. My guess is to conduct operations on the moon of Endor.
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