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  1. Women's buckle boots are about an inch and a half lower than the men's version. The shap of the foot is also different (sharper).
  2. Great post! keep it comin' :thumbsup:
  3. Just thought of the fact that I'm right handed so I might still need it ;-) Now to figure out what other limb to sacrifice... :think: No seriously, amazing helmets. These things are pretty rare!
  4. Now all that's left is getting a movie still with her wearing it to display with the uniform. Great find!
  5. Amazing helmets. Would give my right arm for one like this ;-)
  6. Are any of them engraved? Nice set of medals, especially the WAC medal.
  7. Amazing group! Hang on to that one, it's pretty rare!
  8. Looks like an excellent uniform you have there. British made jackets like this one are very wanted. It shouldn't be a problem of refitting it with the necessary collar devices (US & ANC winged caduceus) Nice score!!
  9. I like that video alot! Thanks for posting it!
  10. First of all welcome to the forum! Second of all : what an excellent grouping. I especially like the embroided insignia on the jacket! Sofie
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