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  1. that is my opinion also looks made up kinda like a crest craft i got burned on for 80 at least i didnt get got for 258 like some sucker did pt barnum was right there's one born every minute
  2. speak of the devil and he shall appear ebay item 320854304546 sugerman pinback jump wings
  3. it looks like its a casting and not a die struck badge to me my .02
  4. i seen this same emblem embroidered on an avirex jacket just the other day there was only one and it was on the left chest
  5. hi chris the marking 23 c is crest craft and should date from the early to mid 60's. they used 14 c earlier late 50's early 60's . also watch out for ones with only the logo as i was burned by one that had the 23 c ground off and a pinback added so look at the back closely brian
  6. there are a bunch of fantastic wings on this thread heres a few more brian
  7. hi all heres a new patch its for the fort lewis wash post rifle team and is on the coaches shooting jacket made by imperial manufacturing co des moines the gate in front of mount rainier is the old logistics gate you can see from i-5 while driving past post which has been closed for as long as i can remember
  8. Hi All I am searching for my great uncle captain Joseph A Errigo's purple heart and bronze star im not sure if there were certificates with them they were lost some time in the 1970's. he was captured on 1 dec 1950 at kunuri pass when his unit was over run. he died in prisoner camp #1 in north korea on 30 november of 1951 he was in the 82nd AAA AW 2nd Inf Div. he also served in the washington state guard battery F 148th FA as an enlisted man and was commissioned in 1942 and served in africa sicily and italy during WW2. i have all of the medals of the other 5 of my great uncles and would apprec
  9. check out the por 15 web site they have gas tank sealer that would make them usable for gas www.por15.com
  10. here are two 1-V marked jump wings one is sterling marked the other is not
  11. heres a pair of pre ww2 assman marked us navy observer wings how come these aint in the book wow they look hacksawed and glued together i had thought i had seen everything but i was wrong funny stuff heres the item number: 190336870951 RARE PRE WWII 3" NAVY OBSERVER WING - FW ASSMAN H/M THIS IS MY FAVORITE PRE WWII U.S. NAVY OBSERVER WING *** NO BERRIES *** IT WAS MADE BY BY THE VERY RARE MAKER F.W. ASSMAN AS A SPECIAL GIFT TO AN EARLY ENLISTED GUNNER IN TBMs *** THE ANCHOR IS A RARE SILVERED COLOR*** IT HAS A HEAVY DUTY PIN AND CATCH WHICH WORK JUST FINE *** IT IS HALLMARKED AS SEEN
  12. [the airmen would have been wearing their flying gear ] very nice wings Didnt they wear uniforms under the flying gear?
  13. i wonder if it is Urschel Tool Corp Cranston RI
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