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  1. In the same way, some USN pilots were using P serie helmets.
  2. That's a good question! 😄 Perhaps lighter or better in case of use? I really don't know. But it's common enough to see it on USAF pilots.
  3. Franco, This one is a 1945 dated B-10. But yes, there were B-11, B-11A and B-12 variation in the end of the 40s and early 50s. I don't have my docs near me. But I think I remember that B-12 version was the ultimate variation of this parachutes generation and that it had the green harness. Oh yes! USAF pilots were often using USN MK-2 vest. We can see a lot of pictures illustrating this fact. Franck
  4. Franco, very complete set. Unfortunately 1950/60s era flightgears sets seem to be scarce on the forum! 😉 Patches were not really used on flightsuits at this time in USAF as they were on flight jackets. One example of the 334th patch I've kept from my own former US jet era collection. Hope this helps. Franck
  5. A very nice example of the G-1. The 7823 spéc. was made from 1950 to 1958.
  6. I agree with Phantomfixer. For me, it don't seem to be an AF military suit. Franck
  7. The BlueBookGuy's parachute was used in USAF aircraft. After the ww2, the QFS (Quick Fit Seat type) replaced the QAC set. Then, in 1948, it was redesignated NS-2 and in about the middle of the 50s, it was still redesignated NS-3. Franck
  8. Nice grouping. I see that this officer had been services with the french navy 12F "Les Lascars". They were flying the USN fighter Crusader at this time. Franck
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