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  1. I agree with Phantomfixer. For me, it don't seem to be an AF military suit. Franck
  2. The BlueBookGuy's parachute was used in USAF aircraft. After the ww2, the QFS (Quick Fit Seat type) replaced the QAC set. Then, in 1948, it was redesignated NS-2 and in about the middle of the 50s, it was still redesignated NS-3. Franck
  3. Nice grouping. I see that this officer had been services with the french navy 12F "Les Lascars". They were flying the USN fighter Crusader at this time. Franck
  4. Bebel

    L-2B (7448C)

    As the MIL-J-7448B spéc. was issued in May 1955 and the D in 1959, you may be right. Unfortunately, I don't know the date of issue of the 7448C spéc. Your jacket seems to be very beautiful. Such jackets in very good shape are not so common. Franck
  5. One of some Lt Richard's suits when he was working for McDonnell test flights after he leaves the Navy in 1966.
  6. Great! This first model is very hard to find. Particulary in this NOS state! Franck
  7. Lt Golladey navy suit from the 50s. VA-881 was a reserve squadron.
  8. VF-112 "Broncos" Navy nylon flight suit from the end of the 40s. Not sure if the patch was originally sewn on this suit. However I like it.
  9. G-4A anti-g flight suit. One of the first used by USAF fighter pilots at the end of the 40s and the 50s.
  10. 60's USAF Col Watts suit with a Reddy Kilowat patch on the sleeve.
  11. Navy VF-84 "Jolly Roger" Indian Orange flight Suit from Lt Richards (RIO) in 1964/65. Lt Richards was flying before with VF-41 "Black Aces". We can see how the snaps for fixing the VF-41 particular tape name were attached on the suit. Franck
  12. For what I know, type Z, Z-2 (first contract) and M-700 have been issued with the same contract: NoA(s)4761. The Z type was a little different from Z-2 and M-700. On the Z type, legs pockets had no zipper. They were snapped. And the rear leg pocket on the Z type was not on the Z-2 and M-700. I don't know why the navy specification M-700 was labeled on certain suits instead of the type Z-2. If interested, I can send you an article about anti-g suits I'd written (in french !) some years ago for a militaria magazine. The file is too big to be joined here. So let me know your email for sen
  13. This is the right stuff! You could also use US Army service brown shoes. Although a good pair from this era is a bit difficult to find. I've written some posts about Korean war USAF pilots on the forum some years ago. You could get them searching in my profile, I guess. Franck
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