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  1. Yeah, it certainly will be interesting to see what you have there. Some of it sounds like 'commemorative' based on your description. Might well be of several different soldiers....
  2. If I had the time, what I would do is to take it apart, scan the docs, then replace them back into the binder. If you want them for 'reading' /research purposes, that is. I do agree with Ski though, if you take the binder, above, apart, it does lose some of it's intrinsic value. The docs themselves might be 'worth' more individually (I don't know...) but I personally think they are more valuable as a 'lot'. (Speaking from a resale point of view not as a collector as such). I'd say unless the paper is falling apart to store it well and leave it as is.
  3. Both still in existence LOL. Could be either/or....OR, a Marine Corps Expeditionary medal (possible). Without pics though, difficult to determine.
  4. Hmmmm....really, it'll depend on a couple of factors. The name is easily researchable thanks to the US Park service database. The discharge will have more information of course, but it is still worth checking, you just never know. I'm unfamiliar with land grants for CW service. I know they were given for Rev war, French/Indian war, & 1812, but not Civil war. Not saying it wasn't done by any means, just interesting that it would be noted on the discharge certificate. As far as value goes, I think you nailed it. Far more valuable to the family than to you, unless you have a co
  5. Might be for a unit tool room accountability sheet..... Or Boy Scouts (the usual suspects LOL)
  6. Great pic! The cover looks saltier than HIM LOL.
  7. I was leaning towards a Corpsman myself. Great group.
  8. That's the mark for Aviation Machinists Mate speciality. Basically, an aircraft mechanic for all intents and purposes
  9. That thing is just.....well, god awful. Donate it to the museum.....oh, my head. (Trying not to rant about that.....trying.....) Very likely this is a put together for pagent use.
  10. Call of duty, Bar NONE, is the best one out there. Exactly what you are looking for, not only nice, color pics, but details on the medals themselves as well. It reads well, too! Good luck!
  11. The newspaper with the heart really 'makes' this IMO.
  12. Bingo! I knew it was one or the other. I concur 100 percent sir. Zero defects/politically correct mentality prevails. Sad but true.
  13. Dang, lost out on the bombs LOL. Funny, they looked bigger..... Ah well. Great pics.
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