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  1. What do the ribbons you have already look like?
  2. Richard, Members of the Naval Services wear the ribbons you’re talking about on the left side of the uniform, along with their other ribbons. Joe is correct that awards that are ribbons only are moved to the right side when wearing full size medals. Yes the Navy Unit Commendation was awarded in WWII. One of the hardest parts of restoring a uniform is getting ribbons to match. I think that’s why collectors like the 1/2 inch Wolf-Brown ribbons for their presentations. Bruce
  3. You could also earn a battle Star for the American Campaign medal for being part of specific convoys. None of this pertains to the American Defense Service medal. A star on the ribbon of the ADSM indicated the wearer had earned one of four different clasps.
  4. Those uniforms belonged to Louis A. Gray. He served with the 21st Marines, 3rd Marine Division for pretty much the duration of the war.
  5. You have a great ribbon bar, I love the backing. I don’t think it is all that unusual for a long serving Marine who served in three wars to have a ribbon combination like this. Marines were awarded the Army DUC for their defense of the Philippine Islands at the beginning of WWII. Marine Night Fighter Squadron 541 was award the Army DUC in WWII. Marine Observation Squadron Six was awarded the Army Distinguished Unit Citation in Korea. Additionally, Companies B and C, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division were awarded the Army DUC in Korea in 1953. I know there where other Marine units
  6. Hello WAC_GIRL1994, That sounds like a great medal. You should post a photo of the engraving. Your grandmother's medal was probably engraved right after WWII when it was issued by one of separation centers. The Army contracted with dozens of small shops to put names on these medals. Every discharged soldier who was awarded a GCM had the opportunity to have their medal engraved. Only a small percentage of those folks actually filled out the paperwork and had them named. The style and method used to name them varied greatly. The best ones, in my opinion, are the hand engraved
  7. The second lapel pin is a ROTC/JROTC award from the Reserve Officers Association.
  8. Hello, Any help identifying this patch would be appreciated. Thanks, Bruce Linz
  9. Hello, I think this might be a long shot, but does anyone recognize this patch. I thought it might have something to do with the 5th Reconnaissance Squadron. It measures about 3 inches in diameter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bruce Linz
  10. That is a beautiful medal. I love these hand engraved ones. I think I have seen this engravers hand before. Thanks for sharing this
  11. The front and back of the ribbon and the stitches holding the brooch down. If you have another silver star you could compare the ribbon length and the fold where it goes thru the bottom loop. The forum is full of perfect examples of this medal. You could run it by Clinton Foster.
  12. I believe this is a ribboned medal. I think you would have to provide better photo for us to figure that out.
  13. Hello, I would appreciate any information or the identification of this patch. Thank you. Bruce Linz
  14. That medal was issued to Fred W. Foster on 27 November 1908. He was serving as a Major in the 5th Cavalry when he received the medal. Very nice medal.
  15. That is a 100% duty medal for a unit of the New York National Guard. My guess on the unit, based on the motto "Ducit Amor Patriae" (Led by Love of Country) is 210th Armor. The 210th Armor traces it lineage back to the Civil War and the New York State Militia.
  16. This is the only book I know of that has a list MOLLUS medal numbers. The book’s major draw back is It is not in medal number order. Carroon, Robert G. & Dana B. Shoaf (2001). Union Blue : The History of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Books. ISBN 1-57249-190-6.
  17. Hello, That is an great example of a hand engraved Good Conduct medal. I would say it was engraved immediately after World War II ended. The Army had these good conduct medals available at most separation centers to issue to discharged veterans. The medal came with instructions on where to send them to have them engraved. Many small companies provided engraving services, hence the wide variations in the engraving styles on these medals. Remember the Army had over 8,000,000 people in it and almost all of them met the war time requirement of one year of service to earn this meda
  18. I'd be happy to look your man up on the Army China Campaign Medal rolls. Just send me his name. Bruce
  19. Steve, That is a beautiful medal. First engraved one I have seen. He is buried in Arlington. Thanks for showing that incredible medal. Bruce
  20. No neither of your medals are traceable through the known medal rolls. Here is a list of what U. S. Army campaign medals are traceable: Army Campaign Medals Civil War Campaign – No. 1 to No. 554 Indian Campaign – No. 1 to No. 1927 Spanish Campaign – No. 1 to No. 7800 and No. 8000 to No. 8140 Spanish War Service – #1 to #16650 Army of Cuban Occupation – No. 1 to No. 4102 Army of Puerto Rican Occupation – #1 to #200 and No. 201 to No. 320 Philippine Campaign Service – No. 1 to No. 23250 and No. 23501 to No. 25000 Philippine Congressional – No. 1 to No. 61
  21. That is a Korean language United Nations Service Medal for Korea. It came in a slightly longer blue box cardboard box the end lapel would have a “K” on it to indicate it contained a Korean language medal.
  22. Dave, Here is what I found: WWII Named US Army Purple Heart identified to James W. Brodie of New Jersey and was killed in actin on September 18th 1944. He was a member of the 101st Airborne Division. Purple Heart comes with blue coffin box and ribbons and rosette. Excellent condition James W Brodie was born on October 7, 1909. According to our records New Jersey was his home or enlistment state and Essex County included within the archival record. He had enlisted in the Army. Served during World War II. He had the rank of Sergeant. Service number was 32307228. Served with 101st Ai
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