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    MACG/SOG (Germany)
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    Special Forces SEAL / UDT SOG SOA Team T-Shirts from both (VN - To Present) , Jungle Jackets 1st to 3rd Pattrern with ut-edge color and OD Muslim or Reverts to Islam in U.S. Military From George Bethune English 2nd LT U.S.M.C.(War of 1812) to Selim "Sal" Baskurt U.S. Special Forces (Rep. VN), Army Capt. Abdul Rasheed Muhammad (formerly Myron Maxwell), the first Muslim chaplain in the U.S. military- To CPT James Yee (GITMO Imam- Muslim Chaplain) etc. USAF LTC REZAK MOHAMED F 105 Pilot (RVN)...last not least US NAVY SEAL Adam"Guz"Karaoguz ENS
  1. I m late to the game but heres COL Beckwith with his SAS para wings beret I believe is the Bn then stationed in Bad Toelz https://i.redd.it/5e3a16qh18r01.jpg
  2. In this , YOUR case Spike, it "fell" into the "right" hands! ...NOT someone else's TG (Thank God)....who WOULD have used it To paint his house!!!!!
  3. It could be the arc for MACV SOG Security Commando Unit...if you dont want it i d buy it off you as i need one to complete a reenactors unifrom 1st pattern jungle jacket with it if you like
  4. hey kammo man why is it called Ugly stepchild pattern?? Thanks
  5. yeah i agree and to top it it looks like the skull guy on the right had just a wee too much pasta with his spaghetti!! ...he was probably dining with Achmed The Terrorist !! hahahah!!!
  6. Hey Does anybody have a scan of the above mentioned HOLY TIGER STRIPE VEST?? Thanks for your fine cooperation!
  7. Hi Paul ! Great work . In your post it looks like the bush hat is hand painted? Whats your take? I ve seen on this site vertical hand paintrd pants and a friend of mine has got a hand painted arvn rucksack.....could you at your convienence post more hand painted stuff it may be worth its own thread if the powers that be accept this proposal! Raschid
  8. Hi Jim! I personally knew a Wayne ZURL who was Special Forces Rep. Vietnam ...who was at the time 184 a police sergeant in patchogue long island new york i hope this helps you .......but i think he was a sarge in nam as well..... let me know what happens if you are succesful in your search! Raschid
  9. "........to be or not to BEOgam!" thanks for the most excellent posting BEOGAM KING OF BEOGAM!
  10. "........to be or not to BEOgam!" thanks for the most excellent posting BEOGAM KING OF BEOGAM!
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