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  1. I bought this parachute w/ pack at an estate auction a few years ago. The estate had WWII items from two family members; one served in the army in Europe, the other on a destroyer in the navy in the Pacific. When I bought this I thought it was Japanese because of its crude construction. However, there are no Japanese markings, the paper insert reads "packed June 15, 1942". The only other markings are on the parachute and are just numbers, numbering the cords. I didn't completely unfold the parachute but there is nothing on the pack at all. It is small...the pack measures only 7" x 9" with two
  2. Hello. Can someone help with this helmet chinstrap! I've never seen a setup like this. Thoughts? Thanks-Jeff
  3. Yes, that looks to be it. And it came from the estate of a WWII Marine vet, so makes sense.
  4. I am having trouble IDing the first ribbon on this bar. It is blue with white. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks-Jeff
  5. Hello all! I am looking for help IDing this DUI. I've done some of my own searching and was not successful! This came from the estate of a WWII 12th Armor vet, who also served with the 100th ID, 397th IR at the end of the war. My best guess is this is a unit assigned to the 12th Armor, but just a guess. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks-Jeff PS. Also note the odd marking. It looks like it is supposed to be Gemsco NY but the S is a 2 and the N is backward!
  6. Yep, that one is closer than the others I looked at....only thing majorly different in the Constellation has a center tail/rudder.
  7. Hello all! I was given this by a buddy because he knew I collected WWII stuff. (He actually asked me to sell it for him) He claimed he got it from an estate of a WWII vet. However, I cannot ID this plane! It has the tail like a B-24 and a nose like a C-47. It has to be a model of a real plane since a lot of work went into making it! I assume it is a US plane, but I checked other countries aircraft as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks-Jeff
  8. They didn't come with any fasteners because they were stuck in the red felt and foam in the little case.
  9. The previous owner must have thought they were something as they were displayed in a little plastic case with cut out foam and red felt. But they do indeed look rather new design.
  10. Hello all! I just got these at an estate auction. I can't find any reference on them. OSS Collar Brass ???? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks-Jeff
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