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  1. I suspect that if people spent as much time doing archival research as they do speculating and arguing on the internet, this question would have been answered long ago. A quick search though RG 127 turns up some promising leads.
  2. Complete fake, and horrifically racist. The 36th Division helmet this seller has on auction is also fake.
  3. This is one reason I suspect the 80th painted theirs before the Armistice.
  4. Forum members helped unravel a bit of a mystery: https://theconversation.com/the-mystery-of-a-1918-veteran-and-the-flu-pandemic-86292 USMF thread here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/199073-wwi-cannot-get-beyond-the-abbreviations-perhaps-someone-can-help/
  5. You don't see a lot of 40th Division helmets, but the ones you do tend to be camos. I like it.
  6. The insignia on the helmet is for the 140th Infantry Regiment, which matches with the Cpl. Harry Tibbs listed in the roster for the 140th. The infantry regiments of the 35th Division had insignia on their helmets during the summer of 1918, while some of the other elements of the division do not appear to have painted them until after the Armistice, just before Gen. Pershing inspected the division. It's entirely possible that this helmet got a new coat of paint and insignia at that time.
  7. I'm pretty sure the black steel liner chinstraps are post-WWII manufacture.
  8. For $55, you did just fine. Unfortunately, the 7th Division didn't produce much in the way of unit histories, so researching it is going to be pretty tough.
  9. That's pretty interesting. I'd say it was a pretty early helmet, since the first few months of m1917 helmet production were pretty chaotic with regard to marking the helmets, and especially so with ZA.
  10. That's a nice one for sure. Is there a number after the ZA stamp?
  11. I believe the individual photos were taken before going overseas, so he's most likely missing because he was a replacement.
  12. All the photographic and documentary evidence I have seen suggests that they wore khaki Adrians with standard French badges.
  13. Nobody ever lost a helmet in the field and was issued a new one?
  14. The paint has the right look for a 1920s-30s USMC helmet, but punching a hole in a helmet with old glossy paint and throwing on an EGA is way too easy for me to be comfortable with it.
  15. Blue shield for HQ Train and MPs.
  16. My suspicion is that they were intended to help keep the rim affixed to the helmet. They seem to be found only on fairly early helmets, which suggests that additional testing showed that they were not necessary and were then dispensed with.
  17. The shell was made by Edward G. Budd very late in the war, and the liner was made by Progressive Knitting Works.
  18. I heard a while back that someone was looking for some objects from the collection, and none of the curators at Ft. Lee seemed to know where they'd disappeared to. It's really a shame that they haven't gotten something up and running.
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