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  1. You can't just go to Iwo Jima, you have to go as part of a tour, and I think there's only one per year.
  2. The 81st Division helmet was an obvious fake, and if they're bringing that kind of money, maybe it's time to get out.
  3. I think the magnetic thing is a bit of a collector canard. I have the specifications for the MK I helmet, and the only mention of the steel used is that it has to meet the ballistic requirements. There's nothing there about the specific alloy or being non-magnetic. That being said, I think I see a ghost of a rim on this one.
  4. I dont see any obvious red flags. For $60, Id take a chance on it, especially if its a rimless Mk I and not just one where the rim fell off.
  5. I was thinking that it reminded me of the British artillery load-bearing vests, but I couldn't find a US equivalent. Good eye.
  6. There wasn't much work done with body armor prior to WWI, and this isn't one of the types developed by Bashford Dean's unit during the war. It's possible it was a submission from a private inventor or something developed in Europe. The insignia is an equipment identification disc. Is there a unit designation stamped into the rectangular area?
  7. Same seller has had some fake WWI helmets up recently too. If the buyer is lucky, theyll get the sellers old shop got broken into story and get a refund without the hassle of having to send the helmet back. Or even getting the helmet.
  8. The tag is from the American Red Cross, so this might not have been a soldier at all. It'll be tough to research if it is, since ARC records aren't accessible.
  9. The caption says he was Romanian, and the fatal head wound was caused by a grenade fragment.
  10. The photo of the soldier in the foxhole is in Der Weltkrieg in seiner rauhen Wirklichkeit. I'll check tonight, but I believe he's Bulgarian or something like that. Definitely from the Eastern Front at any rate. The postcard is a bit censored. The head wound is much more obvious in the original photograph.
  11. Nope, the OP is correct, it's a McCord-manufactured m1917a1.
  12. If I were doing the research, I'd start with the correspondence files, especially ones relating to the Quartermaster's Department, such as General Correspondence 1940-1942. I'm not as familiar with USMC records as I am with other RGs, so that's just a starting point.
  13. I suspect that if people spent as much time doing archival research as they do speculating and arguing on the internet, this question would have been answered long ago. A quick search though RG 127 turns up some promising leads.
  14. Complete fake, and horrifically racist. The 36th Division helmet this seller has on auction is also fake.
  15. This is one reason I suspect the 80th painted theirs before the Armistice.
  16. Forum members helped unravel a bit of a mystery: https://theconversation.com/the-mystery-of-a-1918-veteran-and-the-flu-pandemic-86292 USMF thread here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/199073-wwi-cannot-get-beyond-the-abbreviations-perhaps-someone-can-help/
  17. You don't see a lot of 40th Division helmets, but the ones you do tend to be camos. I like it.
  18. The insignia on the helmet is for the 140th Infantry Regiment, which matches with the Cpl. Harry Tibbs listed in the roster for the 140th. The infantry regiments of the 35th Division had insignia on their helmets during the summer of 1918, while some of the other elements of the division do not appear to have painted them until after the Armistice, just before Gen. Pershing inspected the division. It's entirely possible that this helmet got a new coat of paint and insignia at that time.
  19. I'm pretty sure the black steel liner chinstraps are post-WWII manufacture.
  20. For $55, you did just fine. Unfortunately, the 7th Division didn't produce much in the way of unit histories, so researching it is going to be pretty tough.
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