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  1. It is a m1917. The rivets look like the ZD style, and it was salvaged and refurbished with the sand paint.
  2. They're not especially rare, but they seem to be pretty overlooked by collectors. There are a lot of interesting variations in the 1934-40 types, before McCord started reproducing the m1917.
  3. Close-ups would better tell the story, but I'm not seeing anything that would make me dismiss this one out of hand.
  4. 1955 was the switch-over to the cotton duck, but according to Reynosa, some manufacturers of nape straps still used HBT.
  5. Some collectors will scrub off every trace of rust and wash every speck of dirt out of the webbing because otherwise "it will continue to deteriorate". This is just the logical extension of that philosophy.
  6. The photo of Vida in A Short History and Illustrated Roster of the 108th Infantry United States Army, 1918 doesn't really look like your man. The disc could be a C instead of G, in which case it could be 1/Sgt William H. Krause who was awarded the DSC for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with Company C, 108th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division, A.E.F., near Ronssoy, France, 29 September 1918. First Sergeant Krause displayed great gallantry during the operations against the Hindenburg line. A smoke barrage was put down by the enemy between his company and the company on the left
  7. The only DSC I can find for Co. G, 108th Infantry is 1/Sgt. Frank J. Vida, for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with Company G, 108th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division, A.E.F., near Ronssoy. France, September 29 - 30, 1918. After all his company officers had been killed or wounded First Sergeant Vida took command, despite the fact that he, too, had been wounded. He succeeded in capturing part of the Hindenburg line and holding it against several strong counterattacks, remaining with his company and refusing to go to the rear for medical treatment until it was relieved.
  8. That's a weird one for sure. The star and Indian head are Composite Regiment style. Could be one where the vet went back and added the diamond and camo later on. I'd like to spend about an hour with that helmet and a loupe.
  9. There's a bit of oilcloth stuck to the outside, which suggests that it was stacked with other helmets. The ZC232 lot number is pretty consistent with the range seen in the Kohler m1917s.
  10. A blue/black m1917 helmet in Wisconsin makes me think of the Kohler helmets.
  11. I dont know when they were produced, but my dad has about half a dozen M1s with face shields.
  12. Pretty good thread on these patches here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/254487-french-motorized-artillery-insignia-in-the-aef/
  13. That definitely isn't a Mk. I or m1917 helmet. I suspect it's made of fiberboard, and I've seen similar "helmets" being worn by Marines in southern California.
  14. Looks like an 1853 Enfield bayonet. Lots of them saw Civil War service.
  15. I looked it up. It's a slur, semantics be damned. It reflects poorly on this forum and its membership and it ABSOLUTELY should not be tolerated.
  16. 1st Division or 1st Army? The AA units were typically attached to the Armies. More info here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/253350-antiaircraft-artillery/
  17. Please, Pakistani. "Paki" is a racist slur.
  18. They only trained in the US until Camp Shilo in Manitoba was finished.
  19. I used to own this helmet, and it's legit. At one time, it had peace signs painted on the front and back. They were stripped off, but you can still see where they were. The liner has been married to it, since it was just a shell when I had it.
  20. Could be one of the American eagle .45 Lugers.
  21. From "Report of Inspection of Mold Makers for Liners, Helmet, M-1", June 9, 1942:
  22. MSA subcontracted with Hoover (yeah, the vacuum cleaner Hoover) to make liners. That adds plenty of potential for weirdness, where MSA got batches of one type of component, and Hoover got another.
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