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  1. This thread discusses the color separation. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/174440-usmc-wwii-3rd-pattern-helmet-cover-wrong-pattern-stitch/
  2. There's never been a questionable item in a reference book.
  3. Two people in this thread have mentioned pac man and the beach side edge stitching. I'm sure there are multiple threads on both of those topics here.
  4. Don't ever try to uncover lot numbers.
  5. They were not intended to denote officer or enlisted, and are simply referred to as a US coat of arms badge in period documents.
  6. They weren't cap badges, they were modified bridle rosettes.
  7. The helmet is British-made and it's not uncommon to see them with similar replacement rivets. I suspect that at least some of the helmets the UK sold to the US were refurbished battlefield salvage.
  8. I once had a WWII m1 with welded-on captain's bars and I have a WWI m1917 with captain's bars affixed with hide glue.
  9. The area around the chinstrap rivet was likely retouched at the Ford factory during final assembly. It's hard to tell from the photos whether the top rivet was retouched at the same time, but it was common practice to add paint to those areas of the helmet before they were packed for issue.
  10. Why on earth would you want to clean that?
  11. "World's War" was fairly common usage at the time. Collier's New Photographic History of the World's War and The 37th's Bit in the World's War of 1914-1918 are two examples that come to mind.
  12. It's out of the ordinary for a 4th Marine Brigade helmet, but not all WWI Marines were part of that organization. From the August 1919 issue of Recruiters' Bulletin, reporting on the return of the 11th Marine Regiment: "Nearly all of the Marines had their helmets painted with all the colors of the rainbow. The men said that a camouflage artist aboard was responsible for the tortoise-shell effects given to the tin hats."
  13. Correct. See here: https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/254487-french-motorized-artillery-insignia-in-the-aef/
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