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    Harrison, Arkansas. About 26 miles dead south of Branson MO.
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    USMC history, Roman military History, Roman Marines. Curator, Marine Corps museum. Languages, speak 3. PADI Dive Master, rock climber, distance shooter, marathon runner. 22 years USMC Retired Gunnery Sergeant. Married 29 years, (SUPER Lady!) 1 son 2 adopted daughters, 2 grandsons.
  1. This article is provided here for review and is copyright to the Marine Corps Legacy Museum. No part may be reproduced or published in any fashion w/out permission of same. The following is provided for critique and suggestion prior to submission for publication in a major historical magazine. Please comment on the following: Accuracy Readibility Interest Thanks all! Gunny Red Naval Warfare and Marines in the Classical World, 1200 B. C. To 900 A. D. WHAT IS A MARINE? Historically any people who develop maritime trade and offshore possessions must, perforce develo
  2. (Reprint) Marine Corps Museum CATALOGING AND IDENTIFICATION GUIDE FOR 20TH CENTURY UNIFORMS Edited by Mr. Kenneth L. Smith-Christmas Curator of Material History Researched by members of the Marine Corps Museums Uniform Cataloging Guide Project: Mr. William LaVelle Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Elliot Mr. George A. Keyworth, Jr. Mr. Francis V. Storer Mr. Matthew L. Dula Mr. Neal Connors Mr. Rolf Glessner Mrs. Jane C. Williams Mrs. Nancy F. King Miss Jennifer Gooding Miss Laura A. Tuenneman Miss Sharon L. Bittner This exact copy of document provided as a
  3. Body of document evidently too long to post. Anybody who wants it, drop me a Off LIne e-mail and I'll send you a copy. THis has all the additions/Handwritten notes in it. S/F, Gunny Red
  4. I have retyped the original document, and a guide w/ it. NIIO means not in original order ie had written note. Here it is. ( I THINK I got it all) R/S, Gunny Red Clothing_Reg__s_TOC.doc
  5. Craig, This document was first begun in the late 1970s/80s by Nancy King and others under the guidance of Mr Ken Smith-Christmas and his staff at the Air Ground museum at Quantico. I see that your copy doesn't have the handwritten notes that ours does. There are/were some problems w/ it. (few actual uniform and equipment specialists worked on it, most were volunteers and young candidates awaiting orders.) Actually, when Quantico transitioned to the NMMC, I sent a copy back to the uniform curators as the original had gotten lost, and we had one of the few hard copies that were known to exi
  6. Has anybody got good known sets of USMC Company Letter or Number pins? I am looking for some, and may have found a set, but need some images to bounce! Thanks, Gunny Red
  7. It was requested that I drop some images here of our displays. The below are a selection. Gunny Red
  8. This images shows what the forms look like based up and ready to transport to the museum to dress. As may be seen, these are actually not that involved. Total time spent building this set, about 8 hours. Gunny Red
  9. Uniform Display Form Construction From the Marine Corps Legacy Museum Curator. As Uniform collectors all know, displaying our items is often difficult and expensive. Simply, purchase of even a 1/ 2 mannequin is often expensive, and the size or composition of the form often is incorrect. Feminine or “non-military” heads and faces are also a problem. Is the form plaster? Then we have a conservation issue; is it painted? What kind of paint? Again, an issue. Say we do acquire a set of forms, how many can we afford? What condition are they in, (chipped and broken with definite “unmilitary” f
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