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  1. Hello: Possibly I can shed some light on the questions you have. I am one of the Historians for the US Marine Raider Association. According to the Raider records I DO NOT see that your grandfather participated in the Makin Raid. I see that he was assigned to Co A in July of 1942. Cos A & B with a few HQs Raiders participated in the Makin Raid in August 1942. It shows that after the raid he remained with Co. A for the Long Patrol on Guadalcanal. Your grandfather was not listed as one of the Raiders on record who embarked the submarines USS Argonaut or the USS Nautilus. It is highly unlikely you will ever be able to determine the exact reason he was not there. There was much confusion before, during and after the Makin Raid and debates raged for decades of what actually occurred. I see that he remained with the 2nd Bn until July of 1943 when he was returned to San Diego Naval Hospital I assume for sickness whereas he was reassigned to the 4th Div. in October 1943. With that being said he should request his OMPF from St Louis and then try to read between the lines. Raider records can be difficult to understand especially if they remained with any of the Bns after 1st MAC came on board in 1943. I had great aunts and uncles who thought my grandfather was on the Makin Raid and he was an original 1st Raider. Obviously they did not know the 1st Raiders didnt participate in Makin and at the time were fighting on Tulagi. They connected the name Raiders with the fame of the 2nd and assumed it was him. However, they pointed me in the right direction when I was 7. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me
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