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  1. Now that would make sense seeing that both patches look to be 60's vintage. The smaller one is probably US made where the large on is Japanese made. Both are really nice original patches. Semper Fi! - Jeff
  2. It is not the 4th MAW, it is a training squadron patch. I have the same patch that came with a Marine that was in VT-2. I am not 100% , but I think it is VT-2, 4th flight from the early 60s. Perhaps someone else may know more. Semper Fi - Jeff
  3. OK, finally got around to posting the HMR©263. Came off a leather jacket. A bit tattered but hard to find. - Jeff
  4. Here is a picture of the diamond I spoke about. Came off a very beat up jacket.
  5. Yes, I have seen reference to a green diamond being worn on the khaki coat and white on the green and blue coat. I just cannot remember where I saw it. I will look. I do have one green on khaki diamond that has a finished edge and appears to have been removed from a coat, I will try to find it and take a picture. The white on green is very common as all Marines had the green uniform issued, however far fewer had the time, money or interest in purchasing the blue and khaki uniforms. Semper Fi - Jeff
  6. Awesome patch, by the way. I have an HMR©-263 off a jacket. I will post it when I get back from the weekend. - Jeff
  7. Yes the 3 squadrons were made reconnaissance squadrons in I believe 1958 and they lasted only one year before reverting back to HMR (L) designation. Not sure why the C composite squadron letter was used, I assume since they could perform multiple functions?
  8. Mules book states it is from 1962, just before they changed to VMFA. His book is not always correct to vintage but I think in this case it probably is. I dont see any reason that this patch cant be from the early 60s.
  9. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the Machine Gun Battalion. Yes, on the multi-piece variations is can almost be impossible to tell if all vintage materials are used. Just does not give me a warm and fuzzy. Sorry, just my opinion. Semper Fi! - Jeff
  10. Cool, so the raised hallmarks are not an indicator of a re-stamp?
  11. Yes, it only opens about 80 degrees. What else do you need a picture of?
  12. Thank you gentlemen for the information, much appreciated. Semper Fi - Jeff
  13. Just came across this in a patch box. I have seen this a couple times but I do not know what it is? Also, does anyone know the approx worth?
  14. Trying to find out if these are original or repro. The front is similar to other verified wings in my collection, but the back is more reflective and makes me think these are reproductions. Also, the markings are raised? Let me know your thoughts, thanks
  15. I am curious, what in his record indicates that he became a qualified naval aviator? I see where he went NAAS Kingsville, but I assumed that was for aviation electronics training? Thanks - Jeff
  16. No one answered yet. It would be 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines. (blue diamond) Problem here is that it appears to be on an Army signal corps jacket? Probably added. Semper Fi - Jeff
  17. Well that makes some sense, I found this link that clearly shows Quartermaster (Aviation) in the seaman branch. I don't know for a fact, but I assume the earlier jumpers had it on the right sleeve and then perhaps the later jumpers moved it to the left arm? I realize the rate was not around very long. If anyone has any more info, please let me know. Semper Fi - Jeff http://uniform-reference.net/insignia/usn/usn_enl_ww1.html
  18. OK, I have a question for a more seasoned Navy rate collectors. I am under the understanding that all navy rates are worn on the left arm and I believe that goes back to the creation of the aviation branch ratings during WWI. Yet, I have seen the Aviation Quartermaster worn on both the left and the right sleeves. In fact I have seen it now on several occasions. The link below is one such example. I also have an old jumper in my collection with the Aviation Quartermaster on the right sleeve. I just figured that someone added it and did it wrong. Was this rate ever worn on the right sleev
  19. It has been several years since I posted this patch and I have not yet learned what Marine Squadron it represents. Pretty sure it is an HMR patch, just no real clue which one. HMR-362 does make some sense, due to the comments above, just not sure. Thought maybe a newer member might have an idea. Any help is appreciated. Semper Fi - Jeff
  20. Absolute replica! Semper Fi! - Jeff
  21. Has anyone ever seen a patch for the USS St. George, AV-16? My father in law was on the St. George through out WWII until it was decommissioned. Thanks - Jeff
  22. This is basically a replica of what the early Marines painted on their airplanes during WWI and slightly after. The unit only Marine aviation unit that served in WWI, I believe was the Northern Bombing Group. Anyway, this patch is well post WWI, I believe it is what they call a Stokes-Kirk patch, made for collectors. This and other similar patches have been discussed in depth on the Forum, I just can't seem to locate them right now. There is a lot of different opinions on when these were actually made. I have heard anywhere from the 30's to the 60's. I honestly believe they are post WW2.
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