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  1. I picked up this mag pouch on Saturday. It's dated 1957, (just like me!) and is in near new condition. Probably nothing to get excited about except that Saturday was the first time I was able to get inside my local "surplus" store since mid March. I usually don't find much interesting actual surplus there, but I enjoy poking around to kill an hour now and then. Good hunting to you all! Mikie
  2. Probably right. can't remember, do cameras make Garands gain or lose a few inches?
  3. Good question. Something captured? But that looks like a US sling?
  4. Almost looks like the soldier in the middle is looking at his cell phone. Sad to hear that they didn't even try to recreate the wartime look of the area.
  5. You have a Dollar Box? I gotta move to Arizona! Mikie
  6. I passed the word on to my pal in Mesa. He is looking forward to going. Have a great time everyone! Mikie
  7. Since Owen opened up a can of worms by asking about canning, thought I'd share a bit of my local history. This bank building is on The Alameda in San Jose, CA, about 2 miles from home. I occasionally pass it on my neighborhood walks. It was once the home of Dr. James Dawson and his wife Eloise. Dr Dawson's inventions gave birth to the modern canning industry in the back yard of his house. These links explain the story much better than I possibly could. From this humble home, such companies as Del Monte, Dole, and even Food Machinery Corporation, FMC, makers of US tracked military
  8. Sad to hear it was such a quiet "celebration" this year. Bottle up the usual enthusiasm and have double the fun next year!
  9. Thank you for the nice remembrance post. Its especially nice to see one of the next generation of Norman D. Landing followers. Mikie
  10. Dad served in the Pacific during WWII. He used to tell about a guy in his outfit who could split a note in 2 and spend the front and back if the other person wasn't paying attention. Literally doubling his money. If I remember, Dad said the guy would start by gently rubbing a corner until it started to split, then keep on going. Dad said he never could do the trick, nor could anyone else he knew who tried it. Your note is the first time that I have ever seen any proof or confirmation that this could be done! Mikie
  11. Big crowds or not, best wishes to everyone who will be in Normandy for the anniversary, in spirit if not in person. Mikie
  12. Sorry I missed your question first time. No I don't can them. I've never tried canning food. Is it something you know about? Mikie
  13. The invasion has been postponed.
  14. Thanks for the updates, Johan. I'm only 60 miles away from her, but you are more on top of the situation than I am. I don't get to SF very often, and have yet to get on board. Oh by the way, Ken, my automatic spelling demon just changed the word " situation" to "Siddhartha". Sure glad I caught that.
  15. Our on my walk last night I stopped to chat with neighbor Jim. We got to talking about our aches and pains. He mentioned that a couple of months ago his right foot was bothering him so he saw his doctor about it. The Doctor found and removed a small sliver of metal. Jim was drafted and sent to Vietnam in 1968. His very first day on patrol in the field, a helicopter hit a tree and exploded almost over him. He was showered with bits of metal and wounded in the right foot, shoulder and head. The sliver the doctor removed was one of the bits of metal that had been there all this time. Two other s
  16. Nice pic. The Bay is beautiful.
  17. Speaking of pineapples, if any of you like to eat them, get one of these pineapple coring tools. Mine works great and it's fun to use. And yeah, I'm easily amused. Mikie
  18. Howdy, neighbor! Welcome to the forum!
  19. despite being a Grant man, I was not aware of this even being a thing. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up! Mikie
  20. A pineapple! My wife gave me a pineapple to cut up. The top was beautifully green and fresh. So I stuck it in the dirt and 3 years later, it's about 3 times bigger that it was. It goes through some rough spots like now, but it keeps coming back. It hasn't produced any grenades yet, but I keep hoping.
  21. In case you have not heard, the SS Jeremiah O'Brien had a close call the other day. Thank you San Francisco firefighters for saving her from some serious trouble. https://www.mail.com/news/us/9931218-fire-destroys-warehouse-san-franciscos-fishermans.html#.23140-stage-hero1-3 Mikie
  22. She survived D-Day but came close to trouble 76 years later. Thank you San Francisco firefighters! https://www.mail.com/news/us/9931218-fire-destroys-warehouse-san-franciscos-fishermans.html#.23140-stage-mmm1-2
  23. Oh, I see that now. I thought it was an ear of corn.
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