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  1. A paratrooper-eye view of the town.
  2. Any interest in seeing more? Nope. None at all. Not even the tiniest bit interested. But if you want to post some, I may look at it just to be polite. Mikie
  3. Add me to the list of bucket admirers. I laughed out loud when I saw it. Brilliant! Make sure that gets into the movie. Mikie
  4. I was just about to ask the same question as AZPhil. Thanks for the explanation. My new thing learned for the day. Mikie
  5. Yes, Kat. I thought that was quite clever too. Mikie
  6. She can't decide on what to say either. We are both on the fence about it. But I will post once we came up with something. By the way, I really do have a cousin Barb(ara). Mikie
  7. I think I saw one for sale on the forum this morning. it was one of several items somebody posted today. Mikie
  8. My buddy Frank has a very vocal pet peeve about this too. Whenever he complains about some celebrity pontificating on something or other, I just tell him..."But...but... she (or he) is a CELEBRITY! ".
  9. Yep, 74 years late and dollars short...been there done that. A lot! Mikie
  10. You are correct. I never stopped to think about German fence posts. interesting variety of base plates. Wonder how the American and British posts were like. Mikie
  11. I can't think of a thing so I just wired my cousin Barb to see if she had an idea.
  12. A newly discovered series? Well that should keep you busy for a while!
  13. Sell this whole idea to Hollywood. I want to see the movie!
  14. That thing was a monster in it's own right. Mikie
  15. I had no idea what that was so had to look it up. You have my deepest sympathy. Mikie
  16. I just wanted to say thank you to Elizabeth for asking such a good question. It gave us all a good excuse to show off our old bits of chopped up metal. Hope we didn't get to carried away giving you an answer. It's nice to know my insanity is shared by at least a few others. Mikie
  17. Please forgive me for sidetracking, but what the heck is that thing hanging by the trigger guard right above the "CA" in the banner?
  18. Thank you. Since everyone else is posting pics of their squashed cut up junk, hope you don't mind if I add mine. Also sorry it isn't US, but it does illustrate my reasoning. I started out with the first picture and was just going to put some grips on it and have it sticking from the holster for display. But the temptation was too great and I kept picking up more and more parts. It may not have been a practical way of getting one of these guns, but it was fun and kept me out of other kinds of trouble for a while. Mikie
  19. Thank you Owen. I've had the Pink Panther theme running in my head since you put this up. That's OK though. When my daughter was little, I once had the Telletubbies theme stuck in my head fr 2 weeks! Oh the horror! Mikie
  20. 'Wall of rust'! That is wonderful! I know I'm weird, but it's way cool! And I love your 2 conditions. Mikie
  21. Extra protection for when it does that head butting thing?
  22. Personally I think it's cool. The gun itself is a historical item. The fact that it has been demilled adds the dimension of the demilling process and the story of what the govt did to things it got rid of. Plus, with it you no longer have to worry about the gun laws in your area. A few years ago I bought a section of a demilled 1941 Enfield .38 revolver frame at a flea market for 10 bucks. Thought I'd buy some grips for it and use in a holster I already had in my collection. But me being me, I eventually bought everything needed to recreate the entire gun except for the missing chuck of the f
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