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  1. I'm still mourning the loss of The Mountain View Surplus store in Campbell that closed 2 or 3 years ago. A couple f shots of my last day shopping there. There are 2 more stores left around here but they are Army navy surplus mostly in name only. Mikie
  2. As more of a history buff than a collector with an eye to resell, an item that shows a fair chance of having been used in-hand by a soldier has far more interest to me than the same item in mint unissued condition. That said, a mint in-the-package item does reflect the manufacturing and distribution side of the item's history. Mikie
  3. Well, you've been busy since the last time I had a chance to check in here. I guess that isn't a problem with this subject matter. Thanks as always! Mikie
  4. Hope you have a good trip despite the situation. Be sure to give us a report about your visit. Mikie
  5. Well of course. Doesn't everyone know that? Seriously, the level of knowledge, and willingness to share around here is amazing. Mikie
  6. I'm glad you were willing to come clean about your collecting habits. Mikie
  7. That's really neat. You will need a tiny John Wayne to sit on it. Mikie
  8. Good post, Rene! And thanks for the reminder that there was a little bit of WWII in Europe before June 6, 1944. Something just a few in the US don't seem to know about. Mikie
  9. After an entire week, I finally got the test results back from the hospital. They are positive that I am negative. Woohoo! Back to work tomorrow! It was nice to have a few days off. I did manage to fix up a few projects around the house. And more importantly, not annoy my dear wife too much. Since I had to somewhat self-isolate, I really couldn't go out and take advantage of being off for a week. Thanks all for your concern. Take care, mask up, sanitize your paws, keep your distances, and lets all get through this darned thing! Mikie
  10. You paid $60? Wow, great deal. And with a scabbard too! It looks just like mine except mine is French manufacture. The U.S. design was actually copied from a French sword. I've read that they were regulation until 1872, but don't sweat to that. Congrats on a great pick up! Mikie
  11. If it wasn't for the plane, it would be easy to assume this was an American factory.
  12. No worries. I'm not sick and I get a few paid days off until my results come in. My first down time since this whole thing started. At least the timing worked out well. The 3 in-laws who have been staying with us the past year had just moved into their own place, so I have our "family room" back for me to relax in. Our house is just way too small for 7 adults. Though my dear wife would probably dispute that I fall into that category. Mikie
  13. Being an odd thing myself, odd things like this intrigue me. I wonder if it was a trademark of the architect or builder? I Mikie
  14. Nice to have you here. The forum, and Norman D Landing in particular, has been a fun place to hang out, learn stuff and "meet" lots of great folks. More than once, and not just now, NDL has been a refuge for me to get away and forget my troubles for a little bit. Mikie
  15. How wonderful. Just found out that a coworker caught the virus at a 4th of July party. He thought it would be OK to go. I work in an essential industry so I have been fortunate to be able to go to the office, usually on my own. But now we are on total shutdown until we get tested. Had my test yesterday. He is asymptomatic and if I have it, so am I. I'm fine except for my usual aches and pains. But I have to self isolate until my results come back in a few days. Not looking for sympathy, I'm pretty sure I am fine. I'm far far more worried about passing this thing on to others than for m
  16. Those sundial decorations certainly are strange.
  17. Welcome! This is a great place to hang out. It's a great place to learn, share, and just have some relaxing fun. Mikie
  18. No idea if it is actually from a battleship, but it sure looks like it belongs on one! Mikie
  19. IS this the same bookstore you got the Kreigsmarine books at? If so, I'd keep going back there if I were you.
  20. It's beautiful! And doubly good...that you were given the helmet, and that you are thought well enough of that it was given to you! Hope you got a location where it was found. Maybe you can trace it to a unit that operated in that area. Mikie
  21. That's great! Puts a lid on Mondays and 13 being bad. Mikie
  22. Wanting to know more about these barrels, I did a google search. Not much to do with German fuel barrels, but these clips came up as part of my search. I could go on, but you get the picture.
  23. Nice. A gift to warm the heart. Be sure to post a Now shot when it's cleaned up and in use.
  24. Please don't tell me the coat in the middle is military also. Mikie
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