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  1. Wow! That's an amazing find. But I think the landing process needed a little work. Mikie
  2. I took some pics of some cards I spotted at an antique store on Sunday, but they came out blurry. I'll need to go back and try again.
  3. Nice. What is your connection to the 27th Infantry division? My Dad served in the 106th Regiment from 1940 till the end of the war. That's him in my profile pic. Mikie
  4. In relative rarity and value, how does this AVG insignia compare to the other AVG insignia?
  5. Are you breeding those things now?
  6. Great pics, Owen. And looks like good memories. Mikie
  7. I'll keep the old eyes peeled. One neighbor did put out a footlocker with a free sign I grabbed a couple of years ago. He is a veteran, but it wasn't his from his service.
  8. Wow! Sounds like you hit the mother load! Can't imagine what your Halloween costume have been.
  9. Well that was interesting. Never heard of this before.
  10. The City of Santa Clara is having one of it's cleanup days where homeowners can put almost anything and everything out on the curb and the city will pick it up. The blocks around my house are lined with piles of all kinds of stuff waiting pickup. Hoards of pickers like sharks roam the streets looking for stuff to grab. On my evening walks, I keep a sharp eye out for anything military, like a footlocker full of fixed bail helmets or war bringback samurai swords. Never have found anything good yet, nothing, nada zilch. A few years ago I thought I saw a corner of one of those brown mortar am
  11. Neat photos. Your eye for detail never ceases to amaze me. But then, I'm the guy who spent 3 minutes looking for my glasses the other day and finally found them on top of my head. That was when I knew I really needed a haircut. Mikie
  12. Must be a different Mikie. Although my darling daughter will be passing through that area in a couple of hours. She is heading home from taking a few days off down in San Diego. Harry and Megan must be slumming it moving into that area. The house 2 doors down from me here in San Jose just sold for about $2 million. Newer and bigger than my hovel, but not a palace or even a mansion by any means. But that's home prices here in Silicon Valley. Hey, maybe the Santa Barbara thing is just a cunning plan to distract the media. Maybe they'll be moving in here after all? Mikie
  13. I'm sure it would be a big help.
  14. War is a time a when uncommon courage is pretty common.
  15. I spotted a really beat up US Camillus marked combat knife at a gun show 15-20 years ago. The tip was broken off, the edge was worn down and nicked up, just an ugly mess. But it had that Charlie Brown Christmas tree appeal and was only 2 bucks. I HAD to bring it home. No use as a collectible, I reshaped the blade a bit and have been using it as an odds and ends tool. Until it vanished about 8 or 9 months ago. Nowhere to be found. Until last night. It hasn't had a very happy vacation. Poor thing looks even worse than when I bought it. Nice to have it back, it has come in handy on ma
  16. Since it is doubtful I will ever get a chance to see any of these places in person, I appreciate the chance to see them through the eyes of you who post about your visits. Just another reason that NDL is the coolest place on the internet.
  17. Really neat crossover item. Though I find it hard to believe that things in tv and movies aren't always what they seem to be. Who would have guessed?
  18. I found this old thing at a garage sale last fall for $3.00. Impossible for me to pass up. Everything functions perfectly on it. Ken, if this is a step up from your current camera, I will happily send it off to you. Mikie
  19. Fall asleep? No way! Great report and photos. If ok with Ken, I'd like to see more. Mikie
  20. I was wondering the same thing if they were for sale. Hope they get sold to an appreciative new owner. Mikie
  21. That is a great little cheat sheet. I'll have to memorize it. Not an easy thing to do with my memory, or lack thereof. Mikie
  22. I'd say that story and picture takes the cake!
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