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  1. Sorry, this is't a postcard, but I like to contribute here when I can. Which is sadly not very often. This Liberty Loan medallion has been on my key chain for years and years. from what I've been able to find out, these medallions were issued for the 5th Liberty Loan in 1919 and are made from German cannon captured by American troops at Château-Thierry. Mikie
  2. In an uncertain world, it's nice to know there is one good thing we can count on....MORE CARDS! Keep 'em coming! Mikie
  3. We have our own bit of war related cement nautical history here in California. Santa Cruz and the SS Palo Alto are about 30 or so miles south of here. Here is some info on the ship you may enjoy. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/ss-palo-alto and this if you prefer not reading...
  4. That's a new vehicle for me to see. Sorry you never ended up with one of these trucks. But thank you for preserving all these manuals and contributing them to my never ending edumacation. Mikie
  5. With all that mud and water all over the place, seems like Ike should tuck his pants into a set of those boots.
  6. That has to be a tough manual to find. Just a thought, but maybe the Change no. 3 refers to changes in the manual?
  7. It seems very few things ever turn out to be as straight forward as they first seem.
  8. Big stars, bug...ummm...heart?
  9. I've only seen one or two of them. I'll need to check it out. Mikie
  10. That's an impressive resume! Wow! He worked on Blake's 7! By current standards, a pretty cheesy show, but I love it. Not sure if in spite of or because of the cheese. Avon and Vila are one of the coolest duos in Scifi.
  11. Strange constellation there. Probably not a good idea to wear that too close to the front lines. Any legitimate helmet to a 3-star general would be out of my budget, so I wouldn't consider buying it. Any info on the helmet? Mikie
  12. Or a nice little fixer upper project.
  13. Oh a perfect ornament for my front lawn.
  14. Everything is gone. The last bunch was picked up yesterday. In the past I've grabbed odd bits of furniture, tools, etc. But nothing at all this time. And never anything military so far. As for the cars, nah, I drive a 12 year old Prius with 120000+ miles on it. Hard to upgrade that. Thanks for all the great find stories. You can bet I'll keep looking! Mikie
  15. Wow! That's an amazing find. But I think the landing process needed a little work. Mikie
  16. I took some pics of some cards I spotted at an antique store on Sunday, but they came out blurry. I'll need to go back and try again.
  17. Nice. What is your connection to the 27th Infantry division? My Dad served in the 106th Regiment from 1940 till the end of the war. That's him in my profile pic. Mikie
  18. In relative rarity and value, how does this AVG insignia compare to the other AVG insignia?
  19. Are you breeding those things now?
  20. Great pics, Owen. And looks like good memories. Mikie
  21. I'll keep the old eyes peeled. One neighbor did put out a footlocker with a free sign I grabbed a couple of years ago. He is a veteran, but it wasn't his from his service.
  22. Wow! Sounds like you hit the mother load! Can't imagine what your Halloween costume have been.
  23. Well that was interesting. Never heard of this before.
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