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  1. On 10/1/2020 at 11:14 PM, Escht said:

    Hi Ken

    Going back a little bit to items being found a new use,.......

    This picture was taken back in 2007 when I was invited to a private visit to the Wiltz museum in the Ardennes. These garden shears had only just been found on a local property.


    grenade shears.jpg

    That is just sheer cool!  


  2. 7 hours ago, General Apathy said:


    Property in our collections . . . . . . . . .


    OK we are all aware that vast amounts of uniform and equipment were auctioned off post WWII and sold legally through surplus stores. However have you ever given any thought to all the small items found in returning soldiers footlockers and duffle bags, a lot of these items were inadvertently saved for history through petty larceny upon discharge . . . . . . . :lol: :lol:


    Over the years I have heard many stories from British veterans returning home at the end of WWII, the ships carrying the troops home where stopped several miles from shore and an announcement made to the effect. All personnel on board have ten minutes to retrieve and throw overboard any contraband items or souvenirs especially weapons as searches would be made upon landing and charges laid against the soldiers found with such items.  However upon disembarking the men were not searched and assembled and loaded straight onto transport back to camps and bases. 


    Here's one footlocker Item I just remembered in one of my display cabinets that might have been ' rescued B) ' from a field or office desk, an inkwell ' Property, Airforce, U.S.Army ' made by ' Esterbrook, Drip-Less, Fountain Well, No 407.  '


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, October 07  2020.







    Well, well well, that is an interesting item.  Once again it shows that it takes more than just guns and bombs to fight a war.  They say the pen is mightier than the sword. But probably not a tank, though. 



  3. 5 hours ago, General Apathy said:


    Hi Mikie,  yes we were really pleased that it went ahead, it would have been such a shame for the year long planning that the organisers made if it were cancelled. 


    As you say almost 99% of people had a mask on . . . . . . an original RAF Irving jacket seen in this photo. 


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 29  2020.




    No events here like this at all since March.  Glad everyone there got the chance to get out and enjoy yourselves.  And thanks for showing us a bit of what life used to be like.  

  4. 5 hours ago, General Apathy said:


    Hi 517th,  you were probably in junior school when Zeppelin used to use the farm for writing songs . . . . . . .


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 29  2020.




    Quite apart from any awesome Zep connections, that is a beautiful photo! 

  5. 1 hour ago, General Apathy said:


    Normandy Beach Race, today . . . . . . . . . .


    Today myself and Mike a local Jeeping friend drove over to Ouistreham to see the arrival of cars and bikes for the second annual beach race.  There was a worry that it would be cancelled with the current Coronavirus regulations, but we were there when the cars started arriving. 


    The car below appears to have been an official Renault race car, possibly eight cylinder.



    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 25  2020.










    Some really cool vehicles! Glad the event wasn't cancelled.  Good to see everyone masked up and hopefully being safe.    

  6. 1 hour ago, General Apathy said:


    Hahahaaaa Mikie, 0nce again we can see a similarity between one of our posts.


    Four years ago I attended a reunion week at a mountain / rock-climbing school I was a student at when I was a teenager.  One day when we were out climbing I stepped over this small rock and in the split second that I did I envisioned a small fairytale house so I stopped and placed it inside my rucksack and finished the climb and then had to carry it three to four hours on the descent.


    Hi Piet,  when I got home after the trip I found a small Smurf to stand in the doorway of his fairytale house . . . . . It looks good stood under the Christmas tree in December, a light dusting of snow on its roofline. 


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 25 2020.



    Ha!  I love it!  That rock was just Made for that Smurf!


  7. 38 minutes ago, General Apathy said:


    UK friends Jeeping weekend . . . . . . 


    about two weekends ago a bunch of UK Jeeping friends got together for a Jeeping-Camping weekend, one of the days they drove a few mile down to the coast and sat looking out to sea over the white cliffs of Dover.

    Well the following week a very large chunk of the white cliffs started breaking away to crash into the sea below. The Jeeps were parked in the spot of the two cars seen in the second photo and the cliff breaking away a few hundred yards away.


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 25  2020.








    Jeepers creepers!  I'm pretty sure it wasn't their fault.   

  8. A couple of years ago I met a very cool lady who's hobby is photographing fungus. I learned more about mushrooms from spending 15 minutes talking with her than I had the previous 60 years of my life.  I recycled an old wooden wine bottle box into a little display for one of the photos I bought from her that day.  This is the last of my reuse/recycle tidbits I will share. Considering my lack of creative skills, think it came out nice.  Any more examples from you folks? 




  9. On 9/14/2020 at 6:52 PM, rusl4 said:

    I will, I’m looking for someone to translate it now, it has sketches and diagram type drawings so I’m thinking it might be more military than personal 

    The diagram on the open pages looks like some kind of schematic?  Maybe he chose to bring that home because it has something to do with a Japanese version of his own specialty?  Just a guess.  Please let us know if you find more info.  



  10. 1 hour ago, Dogsbody said:

    On the recycling topic I can add one that's very dear to me. After the war when there wasn't much stuff around, people had to make do with what they could get their hands on. Here's a picture of a liberated and well used German canteen cup. It belongend to my grandfather who , after the war, used it for his shaving routine. It used to contain a shaving brush, soap and a razor. The contents have long since gone, unfortunately but you can still smell the shaving soap.


    To most folks that would be an old bit of junk.  But with that story it becomes priceless!  


  11. 19 hours ago, USCapturephotos said:

    The last for tonight and my most recent pick up....this image was found along with 34 other images under a bed in a house clean out. Many of the images were 6th corps related and some were from the 82nd PV. I wish I knew which regiment these two soldiers served, but both are wearing cloth 6th corps badges that appear to be red, denoting 1st Division. I've always loved Civil War images involving food and utensils. I used to have several killer tintypes with a similar theme but sold them maybe 7 or 8 years ago.

    Thanks for looking!



    The really remarkable thing about this image is that the soldier on the right is smiling. I may have, but can't recall seeing a Civil War soldier with a happy look on his face in one of these portraits before.  

  12. 2 hours ago, General Apathy said:


    Hi Robert, they all said they had a great weekend . . . . . . Jim firing up his BMW R70, bottom left corner shows the edge of his Kettenkrad tracked bike . . . . . . . . 


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 23  2020.







    No THAT looks like a really cool way to spend a weekend!  

  13. 7 minutes ago, General Apathy said:


    Hi Mikie,  great to recycle rather than waste . . . . . . . regarding re-use of your old kitchen drawer, about ten years ago I posted shots of a 1920's Champagne crate I recycled to cover the house electric switches, here it is again. 


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 23  2020.







    That's great!  It may have been what I was thinking of.  There was half-remembered reused something you did that was rattling around in my tiny brain.  

  14. 21 hours ago, General Apathy said:


    Todays recycling project . . . . . . .


    Grabbed this sturdy container from the recycling dump today, chopped the top off, drilled holes in both sides, made some wooden battens for inside to support the rope handles.


    Great for multitude of purposes, carry tools out to the garden, picnic carrier fits exactly in the space between the Jeep seats, also suitable for cold drinks and fill with ice to keep chilled,  garden log carrier, water bucket, and many other uses’s  . . . . . . . . . . . . another weeding the garden, going to grab another couple when I next visit the recycling dump. B)


    Hope other readers find this a useful idea . . . . . . maybe post your uses's  . . . . . . . :lol:


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 21  2020.








    Handy carryall. And you are doing your part to save the environment!  I vaguely recall you posting some other clever bits of refuse reuse a while back, but can't remember what they were. I have a hard time throwing stuff away.  Never know when something will come in handy.  Here are a couple of mine...an old fireplace tool holder for my US Civil War swords.  And when I needed something to cover the control panel for my sprinkler system, I modified an old kitchen drawer.  

    Sword Stand.jpg

    Sprinkler Control Cover.jpg

  15. These posters were on the wall at my Red Cross office.  I saw them while making a blood donation yesterday.  One is WW1 era and the other is WW2. Due to the floor plan I wasn't able to get close to take better pictures.  I'm pretty sure they are not originals.  Still nice to see them, though. 

    WW1 RC poster.jpg

    WW2  RC poster.jpg

  16. On 9/14/2020 at 2:58 AM, General Apathy said:

    Normandy finds . . . . . . . 


    A few days ago a friend in the village dug a hole to set a new gate post into, he found this bottom half of a US meat-can as he dug the hole, sadly the handle was missing appeared to have been wrenched off before the meat-can was discarded. 


    Norman D. Landing, Forum Normandy Correspondent, September 14  2020.




    I never get tired of seeing what gets dug up over there. 

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