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  1. This may interest you. Sad but fascinating... https://www.blogarama.com/individual-sports-blogs/289385-tincanbandits-gunsmithing-blog/2046769-ghost-gun-factories
  2. I'm very happy to see you have a good supply of pollinators there. We usually have a variety in my yard, but this year, almost no bees, moths, or butterflies. As a result, my veggie garden and fruit trees haven't had much of a crop this year. I went to the nursery and bought a number of bee friendly flowers to plant around, but that didn't help any. I've never seen hummingbird moths, but love to watch hummingbirds. Last year while in my yard, once came over to check me out. It did it's cool hovering mode about a foot from my face. Utterly amazing! Sadly, there haven't been very many of th
  3. More military issue stuff I never thought about existing. The folks behind planning, acquiring and issuing, the countless items needed to fight a war besides the boom stuff need some well deserved recognition.
  4. Maybe because the other end of the horse being there would be silly?
  5. Well done deed. At the end of the day, most of us collect this stuff in honor of the soldiers who once used it. Can't think of a better way of honoring Mr Weber. Mikie
  6. It's been around at least since Roman times. Next time you see the podium of the House of Representatives, you will notice 2 of them on the wall behind it.
  7. What does an old abandoned shopping mall burning down last week in Utica, NY have to do with militaria? And why is Mikie interested in it? https://www.cnyhomepage.com/uncategorized/charlestown-is-gone/ Before it was Charlestown Factory Outlet mall, it was the home factory of Savage Arms for the first half of the 20th Century. I haven't been able to find a lot of info, but the factory produced weapons in both world wars. I did find this little snippet... "Although Arthur Savage passed away in 1941, when war reared its ugly head his company was quick to answer the
  8. That was the symbol of Mussolini's Italy. Juts a wild guess, but maybe it was for a flag staff or something like that? OK, AZ's post popped up while I was typing. I will defer to his research skills. Mikie
  9. You've forgotten the crackers! I can't eat that without crackers!
  10. Our deal is that she won't complain (too much) about my collections of stuff, if I don't complain (too much) about her thousands of shoes and tons of clothes. It's worked OK for 30 years so far. That idea to expand your house sounds like a brilliant solution to the problem. Mikie
  11. Love all the great finds! It may be rusty junk to some people, but it's all beautiful to me! Mikie
  12. Militaria is nice, but you can't eat it. Or probably shouldn't, anyway.
  13. Dad was on a troop ship heading to Hawaii when they got word of the surrender. Somebody on the bridge got so excited they turned on all the ship's floodlights. Until somebody on the bridge realized they were making a perfect target for any Japanese sub that didn't get the memo, or didn't care. He said it was one of the scariest few minutes of the war in which he wasn't actually getting shot at. Except for whoever turned on the lights, nobody wanted to get torpedoed AFTER the war was over. Don't know if this really happened, but Dad liked to tell the story.
  14. Nice that you were able to connect up and share a meal. And inside a restaurant at that. No inside dining here since early March. This is a Mom and Pop place near home that I've adopted to help get through this mess. Run by the nicest folks, who were one of the first here to come up with a clever reopening plan after being shut down for a month. Order at the blocked off entry, eat at the outdoor tables. The fried chicken sandwich is awesome and so big I can't eat it all at one sitting. Half for lunch. Half for dinner.
  15. I like the stamp. Does the glue taste like Gouda if you lick it?
  16. Neat photo. I sometimes forget that they had colors back then. Mikie
  17. Oh that was a terrible joke. I love it!
  18. Thanks! I now have the word "shabraque" added to my vocabulary. My new thing learned for the day. Think I will take a well earned nap the rest of the day.
  19. Just about my favorite band. Amazing that you know them. Echoing Kat , your autobiography would be incredible. Who should play you in the movie?
  20. Oh man, that is sad. I grew up in Utica and remember shopping in that mall and enjoying the history of the place. My grandfather worked there for Savage during the war. Mikie
  21. That is just awesome! One of your best Then, Then and Nows ever, due to your personal touch .
  22. Reminds me of The Venetian Casino in Vegas. Being outside while inside. It can get a bit disorienting wandering around there for a while. But then Vegas does that to a person. Mikie
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