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  1. Ha! I love it! That rock was just Made for that Smurf!
  2. Jeepers creepers! I'm pretty sure it wasn't their fault.
  3. A couple of years ago I met a very cool lady who's hobby is photographing fungus. I learned more about mushrooms from spending 15 minutes talking with her than I had the previous 60 years of my life. I recycled an old wooden wine bottle box into a little display for one of the photos I bought from her that day. This is the last of my reuse/recycle tidbits I will share. Considering my lack of creative skills, think it came out nice. Any more examples from you folks? Mikie
  4. Nice medals. And I agree, the shiny ones look kind of cheap. In case you are not aware of it, check out collectspace.com. Its kind of an USMF but for space. Mikie
  5. The diagram on the open pages looks like some kind of schematic? Maybe he chose to bring that home because it has something to do with a Japanese version of his own specialty? Just a guess. Please let us know if you find more info. Mikie
  6. Wonderful! Really well done! That is probably what it would look like if I tried to build it to look new.
  7. To most folks that would be an old bit of junk. But with that story it becomes priceless!
  8. The really remarkable thing about this image is that the soldier on the right is smiling. I may have, but can't recall seeing a Civil War soldier with a happy look on his face in one of these portraits before.
  9. No THAT looks like a really cool way to spend a weekend!
  10. That's great! It may have been what I was thinking of. There was half-remembered reused something you did that was rattling around in my tiny brain.
  11. Nice job. Not bad at all. Maybe I should rent a hotel room and try one. Mikie
  12. Handy carryall. And you are doing your part to save the environment! I vaguely recall you posting some other clever bits of refuse reuse a while back, but can't remember what they were. I have a hard time throwing stuff away. Never know when something will come in handy. Here are a couple of mine...an old fireplace tool holder for my US Civil War swords. And when I needed something to cover the control panel for my sprinkler system, I modified an old kitchen drawer.
  13. These posters were on the wall at my Red Cross office. I saw them while making a blood donation yesterday. One is WW1 era and the other is WW2. Due to the floor plan I wasn't able to get close to take better pictures. I'm pretty sure they are not originals. Still nice to see them, though.
  14. I never get tired of seeing what gets dug up over there.
  15. Thanks for the tanks. Interesting to see the behind the scenes views of movie magic. Especially from someone who is part of the wizardry.
  16. Looks like you joined the Corpse Corps.
  17. I didn't know much about dog tags before reading this. Now I know what to look for. Thanks for this valuable reference.
  18. Well that's something different.
  19. Great knife! Well done. You should think about putting an inscription or something on it with its history for posterity. Mikie
  20. The thing that really impressed me on my one and only and very short stay in NYC 30 years ago was the bagels. I thought I knew what a good bagel was until I had them there. Out of this world good. My apologies, but this talk of pizza and dogs triggered me. Mikie
  21. The military shipped many items in pizza boxes to confuse enemy spies.
  22. The post a bit earlier about the pub with lots of insignia on the walls reminded me of some of my favorite goodies from my other interest, the Space program. Years ago someone offered a big collection of signed astronaut photos. They were priced incredibly cheap because they had been tacked to a wall and were not in very good shape. I bought 7 or 8 of them. After I got them I realized from the inscriptions that the wall they had been tacked to was in the dining room of the legendary (among space buffs) Pe-Te's Cajun BBQ located just outside the gates of Ellington Field AFB and very close t
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