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  1. I would have taken it, even if I had to pull it by hand. But then getting it across the Atlantic that way wouldn't work too well. We visited West Point July 4, 1976 to celebrate the US Bi-Centennial. As part of a Park Service restoration program, there were hundreds of Civil War cannon barrels laying all over the place. The cadets were making repro carriages for them. I begged my dad to try to sneak one into the back of our station wagon. But for some silly reason didn't think it was a good idea. Mikie
  2. My new thing learned today...Jeeps had resin steering wheels. Mikie
  3. This sounds like it's worth popping some corn for. Mikie
  4. We don't do Queens here, but if we did, i'd vote for her!
  5. Ok, that's gotta be one of the funniest lines I've seen today. I don't have a single home front patch, but am really enjoying this thread.
  6. Great. Thanks. It looked like a good old work horse to me. But it has a historic vehicle plate on the back, so was wondering if it was anything unusual or not. Besides the fact that it has been sitting on a residential street for at least a month now. Mikie
  7. Dad was still fighting on Okinawa on V-E Day. I think I remember him saying the general attitude to the news was basically "Oh, that's good. Pass me some more ammo here". He did say he could tell when things in Europe were winding down when they started to get huge quantities of brand new supplies and equipment that spring. Stuff and in quantities they had never seen anything like before. Up till then, his Army division serving under Navy command wasn't exactly high on the resupply list. What I recall about his comments on V-J day will need to wait a few more months. Mikie
  8. But which is the Then, and which is the Now?
  9. Not being a drinker much for the past 30+ years, I can't recall ever hearing about Bols. Guess I'll have to keep my eye open for it. My Grandpa Dominic used to convert his whole cellar into a winery for personal use at grape time every year. It was really an impressive operation. He passed on in 1972. But the sight and aroma of red zinfandel still brings back memories of him to me. Mikie
  10. The truck I saw on the street a few weeks back took about 3 seconds for you experts to ID. I spotted this one over the weekend and thought I'd toss it out here for an ID in case anyone needs something to occupy the brain a little bit. Enjoy! Mikie
  11. Nicely done, Ken. Your commemoration is something to crow about. Don't let Rene rustle your feathers!
  12. I just scanned through your link for now but will look deeper this weekend. Interesting stuff. Thanks for clearing the air!
  13. Hello. I haven't see anything new here for a while. That's OK if you've been busy doing other things. I'm just checking to see if you are well. Hope so! Mikie
  14. Hello. I haven't see anything new here for a while. That's OK if you've been busy doing other things. I'm just checking to see if you are well. Hope so! Mikie
  15. I hope this doesn't sound too dumb, but what color was the smoke generated by a US Navy destroyer during WWII? Looking at photos, it could be anything from white to black, but since most of the photos are black and white, I can't really tell if the smoke in the pictures is from the screen, or from battle damage or gunfire. Thanks for clearing the smoke up on this one! Mikie
  16. Odd bits of wood and metal they may be, but the story makes them priceless.
  17. It's one thing to read this kind of history in books, but to hear it as part of your family history is really powerful. Mikie
  18. In my foolish youth ice fishing on Oneida Lake with my dad, we would often meet up with Dad's Polish-American buddies. They always had a thermos filled with "Polack" tea to keep warm. Not sure what it was, but just a sip would knock my socks off. -20 Degrees out? No problem! By the way, that term was perfectly acceptable to be used among themselves, but NOT to be taken lightly if used by outsiders. Dad took great pride in the fact that he was the only Italian-American member of the Utica Polish League of American Veterans hunting and fishing club.
  19. That's interesting, Rene. Best wishes to you all there on 75 years of freedom. What kind of festivities would you have? Parades? Parties? Consuming large quantities of 75+ year old bacon?
  20. Frank Gorshin playing a nutty character? Who would have thunk it? I don't remember this movie, so I'll need to keep an eye out for it.
  21. Wow! Those numbers are enormous! I'd like to try putting a dent in that pile of bacon!
  22. From a historical perspective, it is great that you documented what I am guessing was the original factory packaging. Most people probably don't care how things were packed up and shipped out, but to me it's all part of the story. Mikie
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