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  1. Relevant to these forums, my granddad in the 1930s ran his own radio repair shop. Being Italian by birth, a lot of his equipment was confiscated in 1942. But stangely enough, there didn't seem to be any problem with him working in defense plants, making artillery shells and aviation electronics during the war.
  2. Love the bat. My gradfather was a huge Yankees fan and went to games in the 1920s and 30s. He saw Babe Ruth play in many games. I wish I had been able to grab some of his memorabilia after he passed away. I have no idea what happened to it. Oh yeah, I have not yet seen the old posts about the fossils, but look forward to seeing them. You can say that your house dates way farther back that the 1700's! I am not in any way any kind of expert, but fossils are one of the many things I find wonder in.
  3. Here is my Dad. Picture taken on Okinawa, May or June 1945. At least it isn't one of his smelly old stoggies!
  4. I don't know if you know much about fossils, but many years ago, one of the riches Eurypterid quarries in the world was discovered in Herkimer County, New York State, not far from my old home town. It was discovered in exactly this manner. Keep looking!
  5. Not much action here lately, so here's you go. Lets get some more pictures up! This is my Dad, 21 year-old Corporal Dan Fusillo, 106th Regiment, 27th Infantry Division. This photo was taken on Okinawa probably sometime in May 1945. This was after his unit was pulled out of the front-line meat grinder battles for Shuri Castle. They were sent up to the northern part of the island for mopping up operations. It was against regulations, but Dad smuggled a camera with him. Unfortunately, only about 15 pictures ever got home. Dad had a lot of choice words about rear echelon mail censors.
  6. Oh yeah, now that you mention it, there IS a jeep in that picture!
  7. I just blasted past post 6000! I'll be back to the present in just a couple of years! There is a post announcing a new forum for named WWII photos. Looks like it's been a little quiet over there. In the next day or two I'll have to give it a boost with a couple of pictures of my Dad. I'm
  8. Congratulations to Ken and everyone here on the 750,000 views. But with stuff like Then & Now, The Shoebox, and the general madness here, l just wonder why it's not more. OK, on to 1,000,000! Mikie
  9. I am delighted to set you up for stories and jokes. As you said, completely unknowing on my part. But I am getting the feeling it is probably harder to mention something that you don't have a story about.
  10. I've never seen or heard of a Klewang before, but for some reason I find this thread very interesting. I guess I like all the great detective work going on here.
  11. What a story! Are you sure that wasn't that something you remember from an old Laurel and Hardy movie? Oh, and by the way, discussing glider ramps sounds like a fine way to spend the day.
  12. Is this a hint that there is a WWII submarine in the shoebox? Hope only the battery had chunks like that removed when it went. Mikie
  13. Now that's just a little too strange. I just opened Dan's link to the tank article and the very first words I see are "Le char" !!!
  14. Hello, Thanks to several posters, I did a get bit of education in select English terms, including char, wad and khaki. A relatively new burger chain here has a most excellent signature burger called the Char (as on charcoal broiled). So the whole thing is making me crave one of these forbidden delights. On more recent topics, I LOVE the 221-B lamp! And in the photo a few back, did you manage to not char the jeep too badly?
  15. I just read post #4069, December 28, 2011. It's a post about a picture of US troops marching through an English town. Your identification of the location in Weymouth is about as Sherlockian as it gets. As a plus, I learned what "char" is.
  16. Congrats on getting the jeep running. It's fantastic. Do you know any of your jeep's history? Sorry of you've covered this in posts I haven't gotten to yet. My neighbor is restoring a 1948 IH pickup truck. Every so often he gets the engine running. I love to hear that thing roar.
  17. Howdy, I'm up to around post 3750 or so...still a ways to go. I do keep up on current posts as well as the older ones. Gets my brain mixed up sometimes, but confusion is my natural state, so no big deal. Holmes and Watson are my favorite fictional characters, by the way, so I was praising your detective skills more than you may have realized. Can't say that I've ever heard a smutty Holmes joke before.
  18. I'm just wondering what he's got in that jerrican.
  19. Great detective work! Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you!
  20. Great pic of your daughter. Mine just turned 17 and I have been an utter failure in getting her interested in history or collecting. Well, when it comes to shoes and the latest fashions, she did inherit that kind of collecting genes from her mom.
  21. No worries. I'd be out there exploring all the time if I lived there. Best wishes for the jeep project. Just throw us a bone when you can and we'll manage to get by somehow.
  22. Hello. Just thought I'd give you a progess report on my catching up on this fantastic forum. I'm up to post 3426, September 2011. I'm not sure what parts I like best, the here and now, the shoebox items, or the shots like those from the convoys and reenactments. I'll just have to say "All of the above"! It is a bit time-trippy since I sometimes forget that I am reading posts from several years ago. But what will I do when I actually do get caught up?
  23. Wow! I have one just like it too. My uncle AJ sent it home from North Africa. I've also wondered what it was. My best guess was parade waving too. It's size and shape is exactly like a silk handkerchief. But I would imagine that an Italian or German could get in trouble being seen using it as one.
  24. I accidentally trip and hurt myself, or I accidentally knock something off a table or something. You accidentally buy an airborne helmet.
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