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  1. Back in my wild and wooley days, I had a beard and mustache for years. Not so much because I liked it, I just hated shaving even more. A few years ago while my lovely wife and daughter were out of town for a few weeks, I grew them back. At the airport picking them up, the very first thing they both said, in unison, and in stereo, at first sight of me was "Get rid of that thing!". Mikie
  2. Hi, I no longer need to feel envious when I see a post about the amazing war relics Ken and his neighbors dig up in thier gardens in Normany. I found this amazing relic in my own garden! It is obviously battle damaged and had been in the ground a long time. Since the only battle fought near my house was the famous Battle of Santa Clara in 1847, this MUST be from that battle! This is sure to rewrite this history books!!!! OK, just keeping you amused until Ken returns. Mikie
  3. Ha! I was thinking the same thing. that is why I always wear slip-ons! Mikie
  4. Hi, How true. My Dad and all my uncles, and many of my friends' dads, were WW2 vets. All have been gone for years. I just wish that I had written down or recorded all thier memories. All I have are my own fading memories of a few of the stories they used to tell. The last WW2 vet I got to talk with was a B-17 ball turret gunner about 10 years ago. It is great to have a place like this and folks here to help keep them alive at least in spirit. Mikie
  5. That is a great collection. I can only imagine what it will look like by the time you get to my age in a hundred years or so. My dad was in the 27th Inf Division 1940-46. I have his M1917A1, but it is not insignia marked on the outside. Thanks for sharing! Mikie
  6. As a non-jeep owner (not sure what that is in the numbering system), all I can say is you folks do an amazing job keeping these pieces of history alive. Add to whatever satisfaction you get from doing what you do the appreciation from us who get to see the results. Mikie
  7. I've read that for every fighting man at the front there were at least 7 more supporting him in the rear areas. Seeing things like this addresses the question seldom answered in the history books about what the heck those 7 guys were doing. Those of us who never served have little idea what it takes to keep an army functioning. Things like this and the army field dentist chair posted here a while back help bring that home to me. I must say, by the way, that dentist chair was about the creepiest things I've seen on here. Mikie
  8. Is there a preferred term you folks use to describe youselves when you have these vehicle meets and drive-arounds? Reenactors seems a little inadequate. Also, what kind of reactions do you get from the locals, especially areas away from those away from the tourist areas? It must have seemed wierd for old-timers who were around for the real thing. Mikie
  9. http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Underground-Vaults-Bomb-Shelters-Delay-Soccer-Stadium-Opening-218172841.html Here is a link to a news report from a couple of years ago when the story broke. Not much has been released since then. Urban legends have already been going around that there was a lot more discovered than shown here. This is my first attempt to post a link here, so hope it works. Mikie
  10. There is dust kicked into your tent, then there is Nromandy dust kicked into your tent by vintage WW11 vehicles...totally different things! Sounds like great fun, especially as a 20 year old memory!
  11. Thanks for the links to the Brooklands Airfield page. Fascinating history all around. Looks like it would be neat to explore those tunnels. A couple of years ago, they built the new Avaya MLS soccer stadium not far from my house. It's on the site of the old defunct FMC armored vehicle factory. During construction they were quite surprised to find several underground bunkers and facilities not shown on any of the old factory plans. They were even more surprised to dig up piles of old munitions. I'm guessing a few people had some unpleasant laundry issues that day. Fortunately, all the muni
  12. There is NOTHING wrong with that photo!!!
  13. I'm not too fond of heights. My hat is off to anyone who jumps out of an airplane. The falling doesn't bother me so much as the sudden stop at the end. Hope there is no Then and Now of that X-ray. Reminds me of the time a coworker took a vacation in Greece. She really didn't have much of a clue about history. She was showing me her photos when I spotted one of the famous Lion Gate. She pointed at it and said "I tripped and fell down right there". I immediately said "The Fall of Mycenae!".
  14. If you ever write a memoir, I will buy a copy!
  15. I usually don't like surprises unless they involve cake and presents. I'll add finding cool helmets to the list. Congrats!
  16. I was only about 7 when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I don't remember the performance, but vividly remember my teenage girl cousins screaming thier heads off at the TV. I can forgive them, it was the Beatles, afterall. Now the teen girls do that for Bieber....shudder. By the way, I've seen comments here and there about you and Zeppelin. Top of my list of greatest bands. Is there a Zep forum somewhere with your stories about them?
  17. I've been to that site. It's really great. By the strangest coincidence, here is today's Pearls Before Swine comic strip by Stephan Pastis. This is my favorite comic strip.
  18. A few posts back, Ken commented that he had not heard the phrase in a long time that I thought this thread was a "blast". That brings to mind a story about my personal signature catch-phrase that may be of interest to you British folks. A few years ago, when a few days at my new job one morning, a coworker asked how I was. I replied with my "Just ducky!". She looked at me for a few seconds with a look of surprise and shock for a few seconds. Then she burst out laughing, long and loud. When she caught her breath, she said that "Just ducky!" was a favorite phrase of her greatly beloved Englis
  19. Another of my faves! I haven't seen it in a long time, so not sure if this is exact or not... "A hero ain't nothin but a sandwich".
  20. Hi zcsmith, I was where you are now back in Jan when I first clicked on here. These is so much great stuff here to absorb and process. The time-warp aspect of going back to the beginning of this thread got me a bit confused from time to time, but that is my natural condition, so no biggie for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I'm sure you will. Mikie
  21. Thanks, Ken for scaring the heck out of me with that earlier "The End" post. Hope it wasn't something I said... A "further 9 years" sounds much better to me, and to a lot of other folks around here, I'm sure.
  22. I am happy to report that the TARDIN (Time And Relative Dimensions in Normandy) has safely returned me to the present time. Last night I finally finished reading this thread from the beginning. It has been a fun and educational voyage. A big thank you to Ken and all of you who have contributed over the years. And now, on to the future of looking into the past. Mikie
  23. That cap looks like something dug up in the garden or found washed up on the beach!
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