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  1. It looks great! Keep up posting the pictures! Mikie
  2. Hi Ken. Thanks for checking in. Sounds like you are having a fun if busy time. I look forward to hearing from you when life calms a little down. Mikie
  3. Lots of great ships named here. Tough to choose just one. The already named Oregon and Hartford are about the top of my list. It makes me sick knowing that the Hartford actually existed until scrapped a year before I was born! To name one that nobody has named here yet, I'll put in USS Tyler. Some of those Civil War conversions were pretty strange looking ships, but man, what service they gave. Her fighting toe to toe with Arkansas was a good example.
  4. For those of you in Normandy for the anniversary, I hope you all have a great time. Take and post lots of pictures for those of us who will only be there in spirit. Mikie
  5. I'm late getting in the party here, but I'd keep it if I could. One of my prized possessions is my Dad's M1917A1 he sent home when he was issued his M1. Besides that, as a very young collector, I passed up on chances to pick up Viet Nam era stuff when it was all over the place. Goodness knows what it would be worth today. I'm guessing the same will happen with more modern stuff in the future. Mikie
  6. Great rifle! My Dad sent one back from Saipan. It was one of the few of many souvenirs he sent back to actually reach home. He used to grouse about some rear echelon postal inspector vets houses filled with the stuff he picked up and shipped home that never reached my grandparents. I wish I knew what my brother did with it after Dad passed away. Enjoy! Mikie
  7. Thanks for checking in, Ken, even if for so briefly. I get so worried.... Mikie
  8. Amazing collection! You really do have quite a museum there! I like the wooden cases with just one or two items on each shelf. Very elegantly done. But I think you are going to need a bigger room. Where do you plan on putting your Sherman? Mikie
  9. That chart is great! Useful, to-the-point, and very funny.
  10. I have a neigbor that rides around on one of those things. It looks like he has fun on it. But with my coordination skills, I'd probably break my neck on my first try. Good luck and enjoy!
  11. Hi, I've saved the date and look forward to going. Thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea about this event. It looks awesome! I look forward to checking out the command car and saying hi. Mikie
  12. Yep, that kind of looks like a jeep now! Mikie
  13. Pleasanton? As in Pleasanton California? You folks go and display there? Maybe for the Highland Games over Labor Day weekend? I'm in San Jose. I haven't been to the games in years, but if you plan on being there I may just have to go this time! Mikie
  14. Cool items and very generous offers. I'm not a winner here but thank you anyway for offering them! Mikie
  15. Yes, it is starting to look "dashing". Hope you will pardon my ignorance, but if you are going to post these pictures, I may have a question for you once in a while. What are those 2 things above and on either side of the large gauge? I've never had the chance to really look over a jeep like this. Thanks! Mikie
  16. Hi All, I have never had the chance to visit the battlefields of Europe. But since Ken is off doing what is most likely interesting stuff, I wonder if there would be any interest until his return in seeing some sideways Now and Then pictures from the other side of the world. Thanks to my wonderful wife and fantastic brother-in-law, I was able to visit some of the battle sites in the Philippines several years ago. Inspired by Ken's photos, I dug out the pictures I took and have been trying to locate the same spots in historic photos taken at the time. This is backwards from Ken's technique,
  17. My Dad used to tell us about volunteering to be a spotter flying in a PBY searching for Eddie Rickenbacker. He said that sitting in one of the side bubbles looking out on the ocean was one of his more enjoyable memories of the war.
  18. I just stumbled on a retro TV network showing a couple of episodes of Combat! Wow, I don't think that I've seen this show since I was a kid...a looooong time ago. Not the greatest thing for accuracy, but I'm high on the nostalgia trip right now. Mikie
  19. 12A54 is absolutely correct. At an old job, an engineer came back from China with a case of knock-off name-brand multimeters he bought from a street vendor for a few bucks each. Packaging, etc was exactly the same as the real thing. Only difference was that they worked like carp. Mikie
  20. Just amazing! If there was a scenic background in some of those pictures, I'd never know it was a model. Mikie
  21. Cool! Man, I gotta try looking for something else too! Mikie
  22. Great job on the wagon. It looks fantastic.
  23. For folks like me who never have seen a jeep taken apart like this, I always do enjoy seeing posts like this. Keep them coming! Mikie
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