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  1. As someone with as close to zero mechanical ability, I watch your progress on this with pure wonder and amazement. And just a little envy. Keep the pics coming!
  2. I'm soooo starved for more Then and Now posts here that I'm going to carry out my threat back in post 9258 and put up some more Then and Not-Quite-Nows from my trip to the Philippines about 20 years ago. While most know about the fall of Corregidor Island in 1942, much less known is the intense fighting to retake the island in 1945. These are a few shots of the Mile Long Barracks on Corregidor. the first shot is from happier pre-war days. I found this photo on several sites, but none have any date or source info. On Feburaury 16, 1945, the parade ground near the Mile Long Barracks was o
  3. That cammo pattern shows good taste. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Mikie
  4. Yeah, if we hit the lottery, I'll be on the first plane over there. After 4 years of drought, I'm trying to decide on what to do with my mess of a front lawn. That half-track would look wonderful there! It is a bit too clean looking though. It would be better with a dash of that patina. Mikie
  5. Pardon my French, but that stinks! It seems to me something like that would be a natural there. But there is that old saying about the 3 most important issues for real estate...location, location, and location. We've had a similar situation here in Northern California with the USS Hornet up in Alameda. It is a fantastic museum, a great and historic ship, in a stunningly beautiful location scenery-wise, but there are issues with just getting to it. As Kat says, I hope that something good happens with the collection. Mikie
  6. By far my favorite place nearby closed 25-30 years ago. Early internet days before sites like this one got me edumacated. This place had among other things, about 10 55-gallon drums filled with M1 helmets. I think they were 5 bucks each! In those days I had no idea about fixed bales or front seams etc. I just remember digging through looking for ones with character. Turns out the few I picked were all Viet Nam era. But goodness knows what the heck were in there? Mikie
  7. I don't have any dog tags in my collection, but I do enjoy reading the posts here about the research you folks put in to finding out about the soldiers whose tags you have. I came across this while rummaging in my desk. I have no idea when or where I got it but thought I'd post it here as a small thanks for sharing the stories you are able to dig up. Mikie
  8. I was thrilled to see a 50% off sale sign when I pulled up to my favorite surplus store. But it only lasted a fraction of a second before I realized it was a Going Out of Business sale! The Mountain View Surplus in Campbell, Ca is closing up on July 15 after 40 years. I've been going in there on average once a month for a good part of 30 years. It was always a fun way to spend a couple of hours roaming around and getting the old fingers dusty poking through stuff. There are two more shops in the area that I know of, but neither as the character that this place has. I did manage to pick u
  9. Wow! I was last there for the July 4, 1976 bicentennial, kind of my high school graduation celebration. That was a great trip. The museum is amazing, and West Point itself was well worth the visit. If I remember correctly, also in the general area are FDRs home Hyde Park, the Vanderbilt Mansion and the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome with great displays of WWI aircraft. All worth the time if you are in the area. Thanks for the time trip! Mikie
  10. "...never claim to be brave when stupidity get's you there first.." Ha! That could be the moto of my life. Mind if I borrow it? I did a little quick googing of German navy 15cm guns and was quite confused. One site said they were used on larger ships, and another said they were mounted on everything from U-boats on up. Some were used on shore defenses, but the only locations cited were in Scandinavia. So that narrowed it down to just about anything. Cool piece, though. Mikie
  11. That photo shows that you were profoundly brave (also evident in the picture of your tie a few posts up) , had complete faith in your classmates, or just like layng down on the job. One bit of advice my dad used to give from his army days was, never stand when you can sit, never sit if you can lay down. Mikie
  12. Very beautifully put. Makes me long for the days when I lived in a place a little less urban. If only dawn wasn't so early in the morning. But then by staying up all night you solved that!Mikie
  13. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the most obscure things can get identified around here.
  14. Amazing! You can tell they are father and son, they look exactly alike.
  15. Not sure if you are familiar with the Beetle Bailey comic strip, but peeling potatoes brought it to mind...
  16. It looks great! Keep up posting the pictures! Mikie
  17. Hi Ken. Thanks for checking in. Sounds like you are having a fun if busy time. I look forward to hearing from you when life calms a little down. Mikie
  18. Lots of great ships named here. Tough to choose just one. The already named Oregon and Hartford are about the top of my list. It makes me sick knowing that the Hartford actually existed until scrapped a year before I was born! To name one that nobody has named here yet, I'll put in USS Tyler. Some of those Civil War conversions were pretty strange looking ships, but man, what service they gave. Her fighting toe to toe with Arkansas was a good example.
  19. For those of you in Normandy for the anniversary, I hope you all have a great time. Take and post lots of pictures for those of us who will only be there in spirit. Mikie
  20. I'm late getting in the party here, but I'd keep it if I could. One of my prized possessions is my Dad's M1917A1 he sent home when he was issued his M1. Besides that, as a very young collector, I passed up on chances to pick up Viet Nam era stuff when it was all over the place. Goodness knows what it would be worth today. I'm guessing the same will happen with more modern stuff in the future. Mikie
  21. Great rifle! My Dad sent one back from Saipan. It was one of the few of many souvenirs he sent back to actually reach home. He used to grouse about some rear echelon postal inspector vets houses filled with the stuff he picked up and shipped home that never reached my grandparents. I wish I knew what my brother did with it after Dad passed away. Enjoy! Mikie
  22. Thanks for checking in, Ken, even if for so briefly. I get so worried.... Mikie
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