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  1. All kidding aside for a moment, Ken, from the news it looks like you close to the front lines of a new Normandy battlefield. Hope you and the locals are holding up well. Stay safe! Mikie
  2. My guess is that there were about 15-20 still there when I arrived, including 3 outside. There were many empty tables, but since several were already packed up, I don't know if they were occupied earlier. Mikie
  3. No worries. Sometimes there are good deals at the last minutes of a show. I got to poke around a little bit, always fun. Mikie
  4. Our house was built in 1946. When we moved into it in 2003, I was hoping that I'd find a vet's footlocker stuffed with WWII goodies tucked away in the back of the attic. No such luck. Plenty of postwar dead spiders, though. Mikie
  5. Wish I had seen this post sooner. I saw it at about 1:40 PM. Jumped in the car and got there a little after 2. Most were already packing up. Nothing for Mikie today.
  6. You just HAD to tell me about all the various kinds, didn't you? Mikie
  7. Much to my surprise, my wonderful 17 year old daughter told me the hat was cool. Surprised because she has no interest in militaria. She said that bucket hats are trending now. I guess it must have been my unerring fashion sense that made me get it. Mikie
  8. Sometimes I see something that is otherwise completely unremarkable, but yet it starts calling out to me to pick it up and take it home. In this case, it's my first boonie. Absolutely thing special about it I'm sure, it's a bit worn, but still, once I picked up, I just couldn't put it back down. I well know that I am slightly insane, but I was wondering how many others here share the condition with me. Mikie
  9. Happy Anniversary, congrats and thank you. Mikie
  10. I saw this on you earlier post. It's really neat. I like your balance of accuracy and whimsy. On your next one, please take some pictures of the work in progress. I've tried something like this once or twice, but with much less good results. I'd like to see how you do it. Mikie
  11. That is really cool! Great work. Mikie
  12. I'll put in my vote for loving the vintage used but not abused look of the jeep. As for that bunker shot, just imagine being some sleepy German soldier to get up at first light, look out on that scene and seeing the D-Day armada sitting there. Mikie
  13. Yes, I agree, these things are just plain cool. I love stuff that I can actually use. I did see some with marking without any contract or govt part numbers like mentioned above, but guessed they were commercial. The closing sale would be great, except that this is the last of the true Army/Navy type stores in the area. There are two others, but they have mostly gone over into commercial camping kind of stuff. I'm taking a long lunch of Friday and will head down to grab whatever I can. At 6:00 PM, it's gone for good. Mikie
  14. Normandy bunkers! Jeeps! Food! Ken! All is right with the world again! Mikie
  15. Thanks for all the info. Pickings at the store are getting thin, but since it will be gone after Friday, I figured I'd grab whatever I could that looked interesting. Them find out about it later. Since both my budget and space are limited, these seemed perfect grabs. I already put a small emergency light in one of them. I noticed that the belt loop snaps are really hard to close on all 3. Is this typical of this equipment?
  16. Here are the tags. These looked like they are gov't issue from the NSN #, but I really don't have a clue for sure. Is the SPO # the contract info? How do I read these? Thanks for any enlightenment! Mikie
  17. I saw these Molle II grenade pouches at the surplus store going out of business sale and thought they were really cool. I found one of each of three cammo patterns. Since I know little to nothing about modern equipment, please share any info about these. Thanks! Mikie
  18. That brought this Up Front to mind...
  19. The pic is now right side up. Yes, that was strange. Now if you or the race were from Australia, it would make perfect sense. Everything being upside down there. Mikie
  20. Well, they are quite tasty with shallots, mushrooms and Spam... I don't often think about cannibalism, but when I do, I think about Monty Python... Mikie
  21. You sure do have a heap of stuff going on. Hope you are enjoying all of it. Mmmmm, did you say BBQ? We had one last weekend at the in-laws. Oh man it was good. My wife's cousins are awesome on the grill. Mikie
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