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  1. Awesome! Looks like you are going about 100 MPH. First thing I thought of was this... Warp speed ahead! Mikie
  2. That rings a bell in the back of my head. I am probably totally wrong, but I seem to vaguely remember it hit a theater or housing unit of some sort. A quick search didn't turn up anything about it. Hmmmmmm. Mikie
  3. Ha! Good story that I don't remember hearing before. But it does bring to mind our own story. When we moved into our house in 2003, the previous owners left us with a big purple circle painted on the wall of the "bonus" room. Some bonus. All 3 of us were in total agreement that it HAD to go, and soon. Well, 13 years later, the Big Purple Dot is still here, and has become a beloved feature of Casa Fusillo.
  4. I just want to add a big thank you to Zepher for talking with me and showing me around. It was a great pleasure to meet you and to see the CC in person. Mikie
  5. i had a fantastic time at my first ever military vehicle show this afternoon. After a bit of wandering around in a daze of olive green overload, i spotted a familiar piece of metal. Zepher's command car was perfectly placed in line with a fully restored and a rusty flaky just-outta-the-barn car. As someone who has just enough mechanical skill to put together a sandwich, I am in awe of folks like Zepher who spend so much time, effort and money to bring these pieces of history alive. I'll just throw a couple of pictures up here since Zepher has done a much better job of documenting the details
  6. If you really wanted to try it, there are converters available that can be used to run 110 equipment on 220. On second thought, maybe not trying it is the way to go. Either way, neat item! Mikie
  7. Ha! All part of the meticulous planning for the invasion of France! Mikie
  8. Me too! Things are still looking good for me to be there n Saturday. Mikie
  9. Yes, you have gone off the cliff. But don't worry. There are a lot of nice folks at the bottom to keep you company. Just keep a looking up in case some of us tottering on the edge fall over it too. Mikie
  10. I went back on Saturday to take another look at the covers. In the pile there were 3 of the modified covers. One had the Klik fastener and two has the US type. But at the bottom of the pile (I've learned ALWAYS check the bottom of the pile) I found this unmodified first pattern cover visibly dated 1943. I grabbed it for 11 bucks. As I said before, these old threads are a valuable resource. I wasn't really aware of this pattern cover until I found this tread, now I've got one. Darn it though, now I'll need to find a 1943 dated shovel. I already have a 1944 dated set. Do I really need a
  11. Well, I managed to grab one of the brown ones. The label inside the flap was marked about the same as the others so I didn't take a pic. Neat little collection! Thanks for all the comments. Mikie
  12. Cool! Now I have to think about doing that to my Prius.
  13. That's fantastic! Just think, that gun never fired a shot in anger, but inspired so many others to do so.
  14. I have a silver (steel?) colored one of these on my keychain. I don't remember seeing a gold one either. Mikie
  15. Not only do we get answers to our questions, we get them in stereo! Mikie
  16. That reminds me, I saw this article the other day but forgot to post it here. I remember seeing these ads in the back of comic books when I was a kid in the 60's. I wanted to order one but my sage old Dad wisely knew it was a scam. Enjoy! Mikie https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/jeep-crate-for-50.html
  17. This forum came through again! An old thread, but still useful. I saw one of these covers in a shop and was wondering what the heck it was. I was tempted to buy it for 12 bucks but decided to do some research here first. If I thought it was altered US, I'd still pick it up, but think it is European made. Maybe I'll go take another look at it. Mikie
  18. Man, that corn looks like it's ready for picking. Amazing! Mikie
  19. And before you say anything, I meant that the clips and casing have been sitting there for 72 years, not you. Mikie
  20. Very cool finds. Being the first to pick up things like the clip or casings after sitting there for 72 years is as close as we can get to having been there. They have a story to tell, one we will never know. But with a bit of knowledge and some imagination, there is a connection to whoever dropped them there. I've never been there, but I get a sense of wonder whenever you post these findings. It's a big part of the reason I love stopping by here. It's great to have you back again! Mikie
  21. That's an awesome model. Fantastic! Wish my Dad could see it. He used to say that one of the happiest experiences during his time in the Army was when he volunteered to be be an extra pair of eyes when the Navy was searching for Eddie Rickenbacker. He got to sit in one of the side bubbles of a PBY and look out and watch the ocean go by. He didn't get anywhere near Eddie, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Mikie
  22. Me too! It was made in 1955, but it would be hard to come up with anything made since that can match it. Mikie
  23. Wow! We always say "If only this thing could talk..." But your sword SINGS!! Is it like that singing frog from that old cartoon? https://vimeo.com/50941741
  24. Some people have their work in their blood. You have your blood in your work. Hope not too much! Take care. Mikie
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