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  1. Neat item. At first glance, I thought it was General McClellan. American uniform designs before the Civil War were heavily influenced by the French Army. The kepi was adopted sometime in the 1850s, for example. My guess is that it is in fact French. Mikie
  2. My Dad had a scar on his arm. He said it was from a Japanese mortar round that grazed him on Okinawa. At the aid station, he was asked if he wanted to apply for a Purple Heart. He said he looked around at all the guys with horrible wounds and just couldn't do it. Mikie
  3. Johan, interesting coincidence that you were at that same bunker just a week ago! It doesn't look like that lady is still hanging around there. Thanks for showing the photos of it. Mikie
  4. Sad about the museum, even if I most likely would never get to see it anyway. But that is a really good looking patch. Mikie
  5. I forgot to add that if I am not mistaken, there have been an example or two posted here in the past. Mikie
  6. Deceiving the enemy is a fascinating subject that goes at least as far back as the Trojan Horse. It's a military art/science all by itself. I have read that the Germans had disguised some bunkers as beach houses, barns etc. I've done a quick search and found these two pictures. I am assuming that the young lady was not actually part of the cammo scheme. Sorry, location of neither of these bunkers were listed. Mikie
  7. Ha! Here's mine...When Masons go to war... Mikie
  8. This reminds me of that old episode of The Twilight Zone, Stopover in a Quiet Town, where a couple wakes up and find themselves alone in a strange town where everything looks real, but is not. Mikie
  9. I love to see these pieces of history come alive again. You are all doing a service to the future. Mikie
  10. I wish I had a War room, but if I did, I wouldn't mind if it looked like the second picture. My wife is pretty good about my junque. As long as I'm OK with her shoe collection. It all works. Mikie
  11. I do have that effect on people. Mikie
  12. I'm just getting my toes wet in the patch ocean and would like any comments and opinions on these patches. Determining time period and authenticity are still a bit of a mystery to me. Thanks in advance for your insight. Mikie
  13. My BIG question is...When is the next show??? Mikie
  14. A prime candidate for a Then and Now shot. Get the For Sale sign in the Now shot and maybe you can get a bit of commission when it sells! Mikie
  15. My deepest apologies. I just realized I replied to the wrong post, and cannot edit it. No disrespect intended. This was intended for your awesome jeep vildeo. Mikie
  16. Awesome! Looks like you are going about 100 MPH. First thing I thought of was this... Warp speed ahead! Mikie
  17. That rings a bell in the back of my head. I am probably totally wrong, but I seem to vaguely remember it hit a theater or housing unit of some sort. A quick search didn't turn up anything about it. Hmmmmmm. Mikie
  18. Ha! Good story that I don't remember hearing before. But it does bring to mind our own story. When we moved into our house in 2003, the previous owners left us with a big purple circle painted on the wall of the "bonus" room. Some bonus. All 3 of us were in total agreement that it HAD to go, and soon. Well, 13 years later, the Big Purple Dot is still here, and has become a beloved feature of Casa Fusillo.
  19. I just want to add a big thank you to Zepher for talking with me and showing me around. It was a great pleasure to meet you and to see the CC in person. Mikie
  20. i had a fantastic time at my first ever military vehicle show this afternoon. After a bit of wandering around in a daze of olive green overload, i spotted a familiar piece of metal. Zepher's command car was perfectly placed in line with a fully restored and a rusty flaky just-outta-the-barn car. As someone who has just enough mechanical skill to put together a sandwich, I am in awe of folks like Zepher who spend so much time, effort and money to bring these pieces of history alive. I'll just throw a couple of pictures up here since Zepher has done a much better job of documenting the details
  21. If you really wanted to try it, there are converters available that can be used to run 110 equipment on 220. On second thought, maybe not trying it is the way to go. Either way, neat item! Mikie
  22. Ha! All part of the meticulous planning for the invasion of France! Mikie
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