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  1. 40 years ago, back in high school, I took an Lit class with Mr Wilson, the best teacher I ever had. He spent a day giving us a lecture on the evolution of the English language. It was fascinating, and just about the best darned hour of classtime ever. I'll need to look up this book. Thanks for the heads up. Mikie
  2. My Dad was an infantryman in the 27th Infantry Division on Saipan. So old Howlin Mad was almost a boogeyman to us. Dad had a reverence for General Ralph Smith, and a dislike of Gen Holland Smith almost matching what he had towards the Japanese. Mikie
  3. I'm late to the party, but you did a great job on the jeep. It looks fantastic.
  4. Sorry, I don't have any info on this for you. But I do love your line... "This is something that I probably should already know, but like so many other things, I don't." It is sooo me on so many subjects. But thanks to your many other posts, I know a lot more about WWI than I used to. Thanks! Regards, Mikie
  5. I'll take some too. They'd make great bookends or paperweights! Or maybe a nice lamp. Mikie
  6. Thanks for the Buno explanation. I was wasting a brain cell or two on it. Cool seat! Mikie
  7. Sign that I didn't get enough sleep last night: I was confused by the topic heading "Military Colonial Hard Hat". I'm sure it must have an interesting story. Wonder what it is.
  8. Hi. Hope everyone is well. Just thought I'd show off my new birthday present. It's number 1622, which just so happens to be the year it feels like lately I was born in. Figured it would be appropriate to stick on my M1917A1. My Dad was issued this helmet when he joined the New York National Guard in 1940. He wore it through the big war games in 1941 and had it with him when he arrived in Hawaii on the first troop ship to reach the islands after Pearl Harbor. It's an original M1917 converted to A1 later, so really does cover the Doughboy to GI book title. I've only had a chance to gl
  9. Interesting. I don't know much about Marine equipment. But have always been curious about why earlier USMC marks were hidden. When and why were the markings changed like on these pieces? Thanks for any enlightenment. Mike
  10. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out. Mikie
  11. I wrote to the Seabee Museum asking about this. Someone on staff replied: "The smaller patch with the letters C B was earlier and never approved. The Larger one with SEABEE on it was the authorized patch to wear on the dress uniforms. Authorized about 1944". Mikie
  12. mikie


    Great! I did not know that about the flight deck color. The old early war Wildcats and Dauntlesses are my favorite planes. Mikie
  13. I'm starting to think you have a secret miniaturizing machine. Just amazing. Mikie
  14. Great helmet and story. But two Japanese tanks cut up for scrap? Oh NO!!! Mikie
  15. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for good books about the Seabees, especially in WWII? I've got a bee in my bonnet about them lately and would like to pick up some books. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. Mikie
  16. My never-ending edumacation continues here. If I had seen this in a pile of patches, I would have guessed it was a civilian sports fisherman's patch. Mikie
  17. Me too Kat. I have to watch out when I read these things at work. Mikie
  18. Your brother has his own ARMORY!!! And he needs more SPACE??? Geez!! Was the armory fully stocked when he got it? Congrats on the instant collection. It should be a blast sorting through it. Mikie
  19. Thanks, Firefighter. I have a couple of the CB patches, so one of those should be good for the project. I saw a reference somewhere that the SEABEES patch was officially authorized in 1944, at least the illustration showed that version, but found nothing on the CB patch. Mikie
  20. This looked vaguely familiar to me but has taken a while for me to pin it down. It reminds me of some of the works made by my late Aunt Stella, an artist. There were some pieces she made by gluing strips of shredded newspaper or other items to a canvas and then whitewashing it. This was all many years ago, but she would get a couple of thousand each for them. Mikie
  21. Hi, My friend's birthday is coming up and I thought I'd make up a display honoring his late uncle, a WWII Seabee. Some of the Fighting Bee patches have the word SEABEES, and others have the letters CB. Does anyone know what the difference was as far as time used, if both were authorized versions, and were there different personnel who would have used either? Thanks in advance for any insight! Regards, Mikie
  22. Great updates. I'm continually amazed by your ingenuity. I had to laugh when I pictured you and the 6-fool breaker bar. The wiring is the one area where i'd feel halfway familiar. Though the stuff I work with is on a vastly smaller scale. Thanks for keeping us posted. Mikie
  23. When I was a teen, the library used to to have a 1940 copy of the Bannerman catalog. That was soooo much fun to look through. It made me want to invent a time machine. Unfortunately, the only time traveling I've done is 40 years forward. Mikie
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