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  1. I am glad to see that there is at least some small part of these ships still in existence, at least not as a refrigerator.
  2. I agree, as long as they don't go overboard (sorry about that, I couldn't resist), I'm sure they could use the leftovers and scrap as fundraisers, donation gifts, etc. I have a piece of the USS North Carolina from their museum store. Thanks for the comments. Mikie
  3. Hi, What do you think of this ebay listing? It sounds plausable, so I jumped in for a 3 inch section. Pretty neat if true, but who knows? In the old days, the Royal Navy had the tradition to save wood from scrapped ships and have sailors carve and sell souvenirs out of it to benefit RN invalids, widows and orphans. These nick-nacs are some of the only surviving pieces of some great ships. I wish the US Navy did the same. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Teak-Wood-Railing-from-the-USS-Baltimore-USN-Cruiser-/291864904211?hash=item43f4810213:g:wfQAAOSwIgNXv77j Mikie
  4. Neat helmet. A brand new looking one would be so boring. My doctor wants me to cut down on the sodium, so can only take a quick look a it, though. Mikie
  5. Oh good, there are two of them. I was afraid I'd been hitting the old eggnog too hard. Mikie
  6. Cool! Who would have guessed that was there? I haven't been through that area since passing through in 1982. But if I ever get out that way again, I know where to go! Thanks for sharing. Mikie
  7. If I ever see this patch, I'll have to get it and send it to you for you to sign it for me! Mikie
  8. Sounds like there is one hidden on every ship. Secret emergency reserve machine shop?
  9. Godspeed, John Glenn. Mikie
  10. There is no such thing as too much history! Just not enough time to study it all! Mikie
  11. Wow, that was fascinating. I never thought about this aspect of uniforms and equipment much at all. Thanks for sharing. Mikie
  12. Nice collection. At first glance, I thought that was the BIGGEST shovel cover I have ever seen! Mikie
  13. My old Grandpa Dominic totally lived by that idea. He was an amazing self-taught woodworker, electronics tech and all-around handyman. Cleaning out his basement when he passed away many years ago, we just could not believe the huge number of tools etc he had in his workshop. Many were very old but brand new, never used. We had no idea what half of them were. Sadly, his skills were not handed down to me. If I said I was all thumbs, I'd be giving myself an undeserved compliment. That's a lot of the appeal of following Zepher's progress on the command car. Mikie
  14. I like your line "It just a matter of getting out there and giving it a go. Eventually one can figure it out". Sounds like it should be on a fortune cookie or t-shirt. Mikie
  15. As always from the get-go following your progress, I am amazed by your ingenuity.
  16. Scavenger ships that are caught doing this shpuld be sunk on sight. New sea graves to replace the stolen ones.
  17. A big Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here! Mikie
  18. Cool! My Dad had one like this bit titled something like "Japanese Combat Phrases". I don't know what happened to it after I left home in 1981. I remember learning some of the phrases when I was a kid, but they never came in handy in everyday conversation. Thanks for posting this trip down memory lane.
  19. Is this chronological age? If so, I'm out, waaaay out. But if you are going by mental age, I'm about 12 years old. At least according to my lovely wife. Either way, it's fine of you to make this offer. Mikie
  20. Model trees don't grow on trees, but yours sure look like they did! Mikie
  21. That's good to hear. I was just hoping he didn't step on a landmine or something. Thanks for the word. Mikie
  22. Wow Johan, those sketches are fantastic. He was a talented artist. I'm glad you found them and shared here. Thanks! Mikie
  23. Every day when I open my email, I am sad to not find a notice of a new posting here. It's been about a month since the last one. I hope all is well with everyone. Out of desperation, I figured I'd post here the one and only item I have that can be directly related to the Normandy Landings. It's a V-mail postmarked June 20, 1944 sent by a crew member of the USS Nevada, which spent most of June from D-Day on providing fire support. About the time this was written, the Nevada was supporting the Cherbourg operations. The most remarkable thing about this letter is that there isn't a word of war
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