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  1. Oh, I see that now. I thought it was an ear of corn.
  2. A crazy post around here? What's the world coming to?
  3. Looks pretty good to me! Nice job.
  4. Hey, any idea what happened to the view count on threads since the upgrade? I don't see it anymore. Mikie
  5. Very healthy garden. No iron suppliments needed with those vegetables!
  6. This letter is the only item I have in my collection that is even remotely connected to bicycles. I don't quite understand the line about jumping out of a plane on a bike.
  7. While I'm thinking about it, here is the chart that I used to guide the paint pattern, and a photo of the Butler.
  8. OK, here she is as of today. No smoke. Still some fiddly bits to go. I'm not happy with the dazzle but decided I've reached my capacity to make it much better at this point. The arthritis in my hand makes doing the very small parts a bit tricky. There are several AA guns and a searchlight sunk into the depths of the carpeting under the table. Good thing the kit came with an entire second set of parts. I found that neat wood oval that my insanity thinks it would be cool to do an ocean surface on. Sorry for the lousy photograph. That seems to be the best my phone camera
  9. Now that is a very nice sort of Then and Now.
  10. Way cool, but not the most practical means of moving the bins. Now a dalek, maybe.
  11. Quite a nice lesson on spare Jeep doodads and how they were packaged. Sorry I have no input, no Jeep, no spares, so just posting to show encouragement and interest. Mikie
  12. Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing well! Since my wonderful wife has been working from home, my chance to borrow the computer table to work on my DE has been limited. I've worked on it in little bits here and there. There are just some of the small details to finish up. The other night I came up with a brilliant way to display it without being too embarrassed to compare it to the amazing model work around here. Here she is at the battle of Samar protecting Taffy 3 with a smokescreen! Pretty good, eh? I've been enjoying watching the builds going on around here and on WMF.
  13. Here is my holster filler. It's actually shoots plastic pellets. It's metal and functions just like the real thing. Oooops, I accidentally broke off the orange muzzle piece. The gun won't fool an expert, but it was only about 20 bucks, and well worth it. And fills my old holster quite nicely. Here is a link to one very much like it if not the same on ebay right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/G13-Galaxy-Airsoft-Spring-Action-Pistol-M1911-Colt-1911-Metal-Gun-Black/150726114317?hash=item2317f9fc0d:g:bnAAAOxyW1NREOrw:sc:USPSPriority!95126!US!-1 And by the way, I know that the h
  14. Welcome to the forum. It's a great place with lots of knowledgeable folks happy to help out. Nice display you have there. Here is my 1917 LF&C. Just an average one, but special to me. It was issued to my dad when he joined the New York National Guard in 1940. He painted his initials on it, but they are almost faded away now. He was supposed to turn it in when the war started, but he sent it home instead. Regards, Mikie
  15. Nice. I've been looking for one to toss in the shoebox. But I haven't done enough homework on them to be confident on my selection. Mikie
  16. Thanks Rene. But I have to admit that my tiny shoe box isn't as nearly as groundbreaking as of some other folks around here.
  17. Nice. It looks like a comfy chair. Mikie
  18. I got a handle for the shovel. I had to do a little fitting to get it on. But that's OK. I'm pretty sure that it is obviously not original to the shovel. I wouldn't want anyone fooled down he road.
  19. I did a little garden digging myself this weekend. Didn't dig up anything exciting, but enjoyed playing with my implements of destruction.
  20. It's hard to tell from my lousy photo, but the tailgate is marked US Air Force. Thanks for all the comments! Mikie
  21. Interesting crop for sure. Curious that one piece is covered in rust but the other has hardly any. Mikie
  22. I hate it when reality spoils a perfectly good joke. Mikie
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