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  1. Just saw this on another forum. This may tempt me back into modeling after my unfortunate attempt at the tiny destroyer escort project. My old arthritic hands can probably handle this one. https://www.scalemodelnews.com/2020/01/125-scale-jeep-vs-giant-godzilla-in.html Mikie
  2. It isn't just a Jeep. It's a Planetary Defense Vehicle! https://www.scalemodelnews.com/2020/01/125-scale-jeep-vs-giant-godzilla-in.html You folks are all set in case of a giant monster invasion! Mikie
  3. I just checked my piggy bank. No thanks, no tanks for Mikie.
  4. If I could only convince my lovely wife that it wasn't my fault. At one of my old jobs, "it being Mike's fault" was part of my job description. At my new-hire introduction to my new work group, my boss outlined my work duties, then added that my most important one was to take the blame for all of his mistakes. It was a bit of a running gag there for a while. Mikie
  5. And from me too. Sorry, I got distracted and forgot to wish her Happy Birthday sooner. Mikie
  6. Pass my thanks to Len for the interesting Then & Now. Any idea what the site is used for these days? By very strange coincidence, I was out for a neighborhood walk on Sunday and noticed a small shoe print in some sidewalk cement. I never noticed it before. The houses there date from the 1950s-70s. As usual, things like that get me thinking. Wonder what the kid who stepped in the wet cement is doing now, and if he still lives nearby. Mikie
  7. Just in case you folks have an interest in ancient history, just over a mile from my house is the San Jose Rosicrucian Egyptian museum. I can't report from inside due to it being closed due to Covid, but the grounds are open to walk through. Here is a link and some pics of my most recent visit. The museum hosted my voting center for the election a couple of weeks ago. https://egyptianmuseum.org/museum-gallery-guide
  8. Hi Ken. Yes, I read those books many years ago. While I don't completely believe his theories or his conclusions, there is certainly a LOT of things the ancients did that we still don't understand. Either they were a lot smarter than we have given them credit for, or they did have some help. I tend to think they were smarter, but cannot say that they didn't get some help. As Spock would say, "fascinating", no matter what. Mikie
  9. Nice work uglying the field up. Just wondering, if a crew was really were firing from a golf course, would they yell "Fore!" when they fired? Mikie
  10. Amazing stuff there, Manny! I never get tired of seeing your work. Mikie
  11. Ancient Persian Air Force pilot wing?
  12. I met Winston and Charles a few years ago. Nice guys but a bit stiff. Mikie
  13. I bet the soldiers are saying "Thank goodness! For once we get to set up on a nice golf course lawn instead of the usual rocky, muddy old field covered in cow pies!".
  14. To make the tubes, you drilled out pieces of sprue? Mama mia! My brain just imploded just trying to think about doing that! Mikie
  15. New one for me! Probably a little too late to go back to that store and see if they have any more. Seems your kid self had some good instincts. Mikie
  16. Wear a military theme t-shirt. Wear a poppy sticker. Make a small donation to a veterans organization. And say a prayer and give a Thank You to all our veterans everywhere. Mikie
  17. Having lived at home while in school, that isn't quite the kind of college movie night I imagined there. But if have been in for it.
  18. Having lived at home while in school, that isn't quite the kind of college movie night I imagined there. But if have been in for it.
  19. Owen, most of us never get to see what's behind that Magic Hollywood Curtain. But you get to work back there. Thanks for letting us peek behind it.
  20. Oh gawd, what a way to start my morning. I'll be laughing the rest of the day. Thanks folks!
  21. If only it was dark chocolate with almonds.
  22. Please enlighten me on the helmet. Is it an actual helmet used as a prop, or is it a really well made manufactured prop? If a prop, what is it made out of? Either way, it's a pretty cool set to be given. Mikie
  23. Watching a Sean Connery James Bond marathon tonight in his memory.
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