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  1. Your stack of helmets comment gave me flashbacks to 25-30 years ago when a long-gone shop had several 55-gallon drums filled with M1 helmets with liners for 5 bucks each. I didn't know about fixed bales or any of that at the time. Imagine what could have been in those things! Glad to were able to snag a good one! Mikie
  2. Forgot to mention, the flashlight still works and is a type used late war through the 1950's best I can tell. The canteen is a 1945 Volrath. I sure miss stopping at random garage sales and flea markets. Just never know what there is to find. Maybe someday they will return.
  3. I don't want to wash out on this recent subject, so here is my humble contribution. I gathered up this little collection of stuff at a garage sale just before the lockdown. All for just $6. The staple gun and trowel are not military, but the gun works great and has been quite handy to have around. Far as I can tell, it dates to the 1960's. No date or other markings on the US Navy soap dish/box thingee. I guess the trowel could be military since it is used with mortar. Mikie
  4. Great idea nicely executed. Kinda looks like if the Invisible Man joined the army.
  5. I've heard of H&A revolvers, but never knew about this. My new thing learned for today. Sometimes going lowest bid isn't a good idea.
  6. Carry on Wayward Son. I once worked in QA where my job was to do my best to break stuff. Breaking stuff is fun. Welcome to the forum.
  7. There is quite a nice stache of shaving things here lately. Hope nobody gets in a lather about that bad pun. Thank goodness I got that out of my system. I just know you've been waiting for it. Seriously, this is another area of militaria that I really haven't thought much about. I appreciate the lessons here. Mikie
  8. Wow! That's awesome! I'd love to see some pictures of it.
  9. Glad to see you here. Lots of great things and people on the forum, but Norman D. Landing is one of my favorite places on the whole dang internet. If you haven't yet, everyone here should check out CrustyBosun's thread about his time onboard the USCG Eagle. Great stuff. Mikie
  10. Good job keeping him on the tank without falling off yourself. How did the Major react to being there back on a tank for the parade? Mikie
  11. That is what is called a whole LOT of trailers!
  12. Johan, I saw you! Cool! We're also just a few days away from the 31st anniversary of the really BIG Loma Prieta earthquake. Not so cool. But, my wonderful wife and I are less than 2 months shy of our 31st wedding anniversary. Where the HECK did those years GO????? Mikie
  13. Owen, this is a subject I know almost nothing about. But i get the feeling that is gonna change real soon. Thanks for your effort to document this. And for making it fairly easy for someone at my level to follow along. Mikie
  14. I've known quite a few Navy veterans, a few are my closest freinds. But you certainly put the sail in sailor. I'd love to hear more about your time aboard Eagle. Mikie
  15. I spotted this book at my favorite hangout, The Recycle Bookstore. It's signed by the author, Admiral Mendenhall. Figured it wasn't bad for 8 bucks. I don't see a lot of information on him online so I guess I'll need to read the book to find out more about him. Two of my best buddies are former sub sailors, so now my problem is which one to give it to for Christmas! Mikie
  16. Beautiful job, Manny! It looks fantastic. Mikie
  17. That is just sheer cool! Mikie
  18. Well, well well, that is an interesting item. Once again it shows that it takes more than just guns and bombs to fight a war. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. But probably not a tank, though. Mikie
  19. Just wonderful! Plus what everyone else said! Mikie
  20. No events here like this at all since March. Glad everyone there got the chance to get out and enjoy yourselves. And thanks for showing us a bit of what life used to be like.
  21. Quite apart from any awesome Zep connections, that is a beautiful photo!
  22. Some really cool vehicles! Glad the event wasn't cancelled. Good to see everyone masked up and hopefully being safe.
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