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    US Army in the World War II European Theater of Operations
  1. Very nice collection, mannequins look perfect and you have some wonderfull personal items
  2. Nice display, but was that beard allowed in the US army at that time
  3. I agree! Soldiers already knew how to slip the A-yokes under the webbing prior to D-Day
  4. I think most paratroopers just slipped the A-yokes under the webbing instead of cutting them of. On pictures shot with Market Garden it's very hard to determine if the soldiers on the pic are paratroopers or gliders. The equipment was almost identical with the adoption of the Buckle Boots together with the M1943 Field jacket and trousers.
  5. I think I'm more interested in his M1943 Modified trousers
  6. Where did you find a reproduction A-5 aerial delivery container? Very nice re-enacting! I've been to Angoville au Plain once by bike. Very nice and quiet environment, no tourists hanging around there The buildings are still authentic and so is the environment!
  7. http://www.m-1helmet.com/DDayhelmet.html Gary Underhill (Lawdog) and Peter (m-1he..) know axactly what you schould do with this shell. Look at the link I've posted. Use a water based paint stripper. I believe that Peter (m-1helmet.com) and Gary (Lawdog) are both registered on this forum Very nice find!
  8. These plexiglass grips are just STUNNING
  9. Sure you can print them out I forgot to ask if the grave is still aviable for adoption. It would be nice to keep the adoption certificate with the grouping and then send some Dutch guy to bring Hansen some flowers with Ve-day for you.
  10. Sorry, I meant the 4th of may
  11. I'll visit the Magraten cemetery the 5th of may. It's only 15 min driving with my 1975 Vespa The 5th of may is the day all casualties of WWII are remembered (In Holland). Shall I make a picture of Leslie Hansen's white cross for you? The soldier whose grave I'm "adopting" was also KIA with Market Garden. He was killed at the St. Oedenrode area on the 22nd of september.
  12. You really know where to dig for some nice 29th ID marked helmets Keep up this work!
  13. Nice and bar tacked You can't do that with a simple sewing machine...
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