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  1. Great - thanks. After reading the article in your first post it looks the gray uniform was only used between 1943-1949. Would that same time frame also apply to gray dresses worn by the NNC? Sorry for all the questions but I'm just wanting to get my listing right. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Anchor's Aweigh - these buttons look like what I have except these look almost black rather than the fairly light gray that I have? I have looked high and low for similar actual gray buttons and have come up empty. Surely there are some out there? David (above) believes they are from the gray working NNC dress but I've not been able to find any photos that have these large gray buttons. Mark
  3. Thank you both once again. I can tell I have a lot to learn but am looking forward to it. Mark
  4. Thank you David - that's a big help. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  5. Here are some of the buttons I am trying to identify. They were with some NNC items obtained at an estate sale. The larger brass one is about 7/8" in diameter (Supreme Quality) and the smaller one is only about 9/16" in diameter (Gemsco New York). The gray plastic one (is this Bakelite?) has me stumped. It is about 13/16" in diameter with no markings. I tried to find out more about it but have struck out. Thanks in advance! Mark
  6. Thank you both for all the information! I'm pretty sure the cap is black if that makes a difference. And the rank pin is silver. NNC means ??? Do you know what the eagle, shield and anchor pin signifies?
  7. ​Greetings from chilly northwest New Mexico! I came across this site while researching some Navy items we picked up at an estate sale and am looking forward to learning from those with much more expertise than I have. I never had the privilege to serve but am returning the favor to those that did by driving the local DAV van to the VA in Albuquerque three hours away most weeks when we are home. What a humbling yet rewarding experience. Please bear with me as I figure out how to post topics - I'm sure I'll have a learning curve. Thanks for taking a look. I'm thinking the items we have are from a woman who served in the Navy - WW II I believe. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and God bless! Mark
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