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  1. My book says the M9A1 was modified and redesignated M9A2 in March of 51. It looks like the mod was the replacement of the M18 detonator with the T4E1 ( better resistance to corrosion.)
  2. Great yellow frag..notice how the early bazooka round has the rivets. And the ground signal's to the left of first photo.
  3. Great pic and great collection. Love the cutaway.
  4. Very nice and hard to find. Thanks for posting.
  5. Very nice, would love to see a pic of how your museum is displaying it.
  6. Here is another interesting article. "Marines reveal that Rene Gagnon of Manchester, whose son lives in Concord, was not in the flag-raising photo at Iwo Jima " https://www.concordmonitor.com/Rene-Gagnon-of-Manchester-was-not-in-the-Iwo-Jima-flag-raising-photo-Marines-say-29451948
  7. New Member Westy brought this to my attention. I thought Doc Bradley and Rene Gagnon were in the famous photo. Watch this video if interested who were in their positions. https://www.concordmonitor.com/Rene-Gagnon-of-Manchester-was-not-in-the-Iwo-Jima-flag-raising-photo-Marines-say-29451948
  8. These two pics of Pie. Looks like the same helmet cover..its the same guy. Good work Westy.
  9. Adding Dennis McCarthy article on Seltzer. https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2020/02/23/the-tale-of-this-marine-in-the-other-iwo-jima-photo-can-at-last-be-told/
  10. Sorry for the late reply, just saw this today. Good info Westy. Is Seltzer still out there doing this crap? McCarthy wrote an article in Feb? If so can you post a link? I will look for it.
  11. Great Carbines... love the 4 digit Inland and the stock bevel markings. I also have never seen a early oiler like this. Love it.
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