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  1. this poster came to sit in my attic a few years ago wile moving things i found it and was very interested. This poster belonged to my fathers great grandfather so that would make him my great great grandfather. My great great grandfathers name is John S Pressler i am not sure when he is born or any other info all i have is this poster at the moment i could get info if necessary. I will post in this forum because it has military men in the poster and i believe someone here may be able to help me. The poster reads and i quote "be it remembered that on the 23rd day of dec one thousand eight hundr
  2. hey thanks a lot guys for the quick response and all the helpful information.
  3. thanks it looks kinda dirty but some is on the outside of the frame
  4. hello i recently acquired this poster at a garage sale from what i understand it is real it has the government folds and i have yet to try to black light. it was put into a home made frame and looks old. like someone acquired it then put it in a frame in the 60's. it measures about 28 inches long and around 20 inches wide. i was hoping you could tell me more and a possible value.
  5. thats a nice find i got the m1903 grenade launcher sight and two practice rounds for it definitely a nice find
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