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  1. I was told by my dad that my grandfather did the communications of the USS Pueblo in Subic Naval Base (Philippines). My grandfather was a civil service civilian employee working for the Electronics dep't from 1945 - 1964 in Subic Naval base. Just thought I'd share this.
  2. Hello, I need help in identifying the Fourragere that is in my dad's uniform. It appears to be red in color which I think it's Belgian Fourragere. I'm a little bit confused because there is another Fourragere that is red and green which is a French Fourragere. I'm not so sure which is which. Unfortunately, my dad is no longer with us. Please see attach picture. By the way, my dad entered the US Army in 1964 and discharged in 1967. Is there also a way to verify this officially? Thank you all for your help. Fred W. son of Sgt. William White B Co/3rd Bat/7th Inf 199th LIB
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