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  1. I used CitriStrip to remove paint. It can be pretty aggressive. I'm certain there has to be a better way. The pic of the second one was actually a medic repaint x3. It's been a mess to clean and still ongoing. I ended up finding 3 total. I'll post better pics soon.
  2. Recently found a lot of late war liners. Took a few and stripped back a few layers of paint and found two medic liners!
  3. I purchased this M1 online which was described as a Vietnam era helmet. It arrived in a camo cover, which I removed and found the steel pot to be a front seam swivel bail, painted in a bright green. I decided to remove the paint and found a grey / white stripe around the brim of the helmet and the rear of the helmet is painted the same color. Did this denote it was worn by a Navy driver? The liner is Korean era and is covered in markings.
  4. Any ideas? Sorry, just getting into collecting and haven't seen this before.
  5. I have this gentleman’s helmet. Found at a dealer in FL.
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